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Sep 05

Take Advantage of Java 9 - Read These Tips

By zealousys

After some time now, there is good news for the Java developers and that is the announcement of Java’s new and upgraded version: Java 9. This version covers the limitations of Java 8 with some additional features and its release year would be 2016.


Image Courtesy of Amis.nl

This year, Oracle declared that the first set of enhancement proposals would deliver features of Java 9. These enhancement proposals [Java Enhancement Proposals] are totally afresh process, which allows formulations and modifications of the characteristics of the Java language and virtual machine, without the requirement of an entire specification process. It has been published in open JDK.

Furthermore, let us take a brief look at the attractive features of Java 9, as under:

1. Process API Updates:

This will help in connecting with the operating systems, other than Java. It has the ability to deal with hundreds of sub-processes, probably multiplexing the output or error streams to ignore forming a thread per sub-process.

2. Light-weight JSON API:

This API displays the ability to generate and consume JSON documents and data streams. It has been speculated that no present modules, classes or packages would get modified or changed.

3. HTTP 2 Client:

This commences HTTP 2.0 and web sockets, while substituting the legacy HttpURL Connection. It has been under scrutiny since Java 8 and is said to be improved through various tests towards the month of November 2014.

4. Segmented Code Cache:

This brings in improved performance, minimum fragmentation and upcoming extensions, along with reduced number of ITLB and cache misses.

5. Clever Java Compiler:

This feature makes the sJavac tool available in the default JDK. It will involve the process of writing, testing and promising incremental patches to the previous implementation.

6. Modified Contended Locking:

This will aid in enhancing the performance of threads in the following areas:

  • Field reordering and cache line alignment
  • Speed up PlatformEvent::unpark()
  • Fast Java monitor enter operations
  • Fast Java monitor exit operations
  • Fast Java monitor notify/notifyAll operations
  • Adaptive spin improvements and SpinPause on SPARC

It is being perceived that Java 9 will change the way classpath is managed and will live up to the expectations of the developers’ community.

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