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Aug 07

Social CRM: The Need of the Hour!

By zealousys

With a tremendously growing competition around the globe, businesses have become more customer-obsessed giving rise to a new development in the CRM tools, known as Social CRM [Customer Relationship Management]. This application has changed the decision-making strategy of companies across borders.


One important point to be taken into account is that SCRM completely focuses on customers and is a comprehensive method for two-way communication as opposed to the traditional ones which had a one-way communication.

4 key reasons to consider SCRM

Its attractive characteristics are a driving force to SCRM’s increased repute.

1) The data is exchanged in real time

To elaborate, for e.g. A news feed on a particular social media platform which in turn, fosters the use of social media to engage with customers under proper surveillance which is also known as Social Media Monitoring.

2) The businesses become ‘customer intelligent.’

The two-way process enables the companies to get a clear picture of their customers desires and needs and later, simplifying and bringing it to a level of punitive actions reached through the help of customer feedback.

3) The cost-effectiveness of social media

This point makes it more approachable for businesses as well as customers. It is a known fact that making and maintaining an account on social networking sites such as Twitter, Linked in or Facebook, is totally economical and less time consuming. As a result, there is a rise in sales conversion and lead generation.

4) The significance of an in-house SCRM

These days internal management is as crucial as external management. Having realized the significance, businesses have developed in-house Social CRM where employees are connected through insider chains, news-feeds and are also able to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ each other. This has shaped into a more transparent functioning of organizations.

In the coming years, SCRM is definitely going to prove its usefulness to the fullest in customer management.

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