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Oct 23

Small and Medium-Sized Online Stores: Time to build your Mobile App!

By zealousys

The present time can be termed as the Age of Mobile Applications and quite similar to a volcano, oozing out applications almost every day. The days are not far, when mobile apps will have a complete hold over the market of technology.

There has often been a debate whether businesses should develop responsive website or native apps. Well, in that case, both the options are functional enough and good to go for. Now, if we take a look at the current trend, as mentioned earlier, a majority of the big online stores have already built their apps and have proved totally successful in attracting users.

Mobile Website vs. Mobile Applications:

app-responsiveImage Source: Linkedin.com

Mobile websites have been in use since more than a decade now. But the biggest flaw with these websites is the amount of time they consume to open and when they do open, the user’s patience is already lost. That may have happened due to low network but it turns out to be irksome.

Perhaps, a better option would be Mobile Apps or mobile applications. There are many reasons to consider getting an app for your business.

  • Increased usability
  • User-friendly or easy to use
  • Less time consuming
  • Economical than before

Focusing on the cost-effectiveness of apps, it has become possible due to the indulgence of the third-party developers making it easier and easier to build apps.

Many of us think that a responsive website is a shortcut as opposed to the development of mobile applications. This is more of a myth because building such websites is like taming the lion. It takes a lot to make such websites, for, the design needs to fit into all mobile phones; ranging from keypads to touchscreens. So, mobile apps are more preferable.

According to Forbes, ”Unlike app shops, whose apps are their “product,” the apps that a business makes are more likely “extensions” of their products—more efficient means to deliver existing goods and services.” Therefore, utmost care needs to be taken in choosing developers who can create apps of some value, which, in turn gets added to your business’ reputation.

It can be said with great confidence that the next generation would be that of Mobile applications only and businesses will have to gear up for the same.

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