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Jun 18

Significance of Web Design and Web Development, individually

By zealousys


People these days, are quite familiar with the two terms Web Designer and Web Developer. It can be seen that these two phrases are often interchanged by those who are not much acquainted with the industry. Usually, clients who need to set up a website often make this mistake and think that both designer and developer are the same.

Usually, when people get confused on both the terms and it can be usually seen that designers will be struggling to answer the questions that are related to adding the database to the website while the developers will be stumbling to give the answers related to color selection, layout, font styles and placement of the image.

The real truth is that Web designers are not aware of Base64 encoding, SOAP requests, SQL injection or MIME types. Web developers on the other hand will not be able to create a website that is visually appealing that can attract lots of visitors to the website.

These days, a lot of unqualified and inexperienced people come forward in this industry. The reason is quite simple. This is an industry that needs a lot of skill, experience and most important of all, the right qualification. Without the right knowledge no developer or designer is able to survive successfully in the industry. In short, any web based project that is poorly planned, is likely to fail. The blame has hence to be put on those people who do not understand the right difference between a web developer and a web designer.

How to distinguish a web designer from a web developer is sometimes tricky. But when we draw a clear line that separates their responsibilities and roles in a web based project, we will be able to clearly understand what a designer is, and what a developer is.

Web designers are the creative ones who understand the ideas running inside the minds of the clients. An experienced web designer will be able to understand the clients’ vision completely and bring about an artistic design that’s sure has the capability to attract a lot of visitors to the website.

Web designers also try to understand the typography, user interface design and usability. Tools that they prefer to create designs are Photoshop, DreamWeaver and Illustrator. The duty of a designer includes writing (X) HTML, slicing images, drafting/editing copy and coding CSS. In short, a Web designer can be called an expert who does the creative part of any website.

Web Developers are called the technical experts involved in the creation of a website. They have the skills to solve problems. A developer is skilled in writing code in five or different languages. These include JavaScript, (X) HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Python, Perl, Ruby and SQL. A developer has a good knowledge on API and is well aware of developing with the help of API.

It can be seen that web designers and web developers try to take up tasks that are clearly out of their skills. But rarely do we find designers who are skilled in coding an entire web application and developers who are able to design the perfect website. So when you are in search of the right designer or developer, you need to research well and find out what kind of features you need the most. Hire the person who is skilled in accomplishing your tasks the perfect way.

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