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Oct 31

Significance of Analysis & Co-ordination in SDLC

By zealousys

Business Analysis is a key function in the process of Software Development. A Business Analyst plays a variety of roles in a software development project. Every project development follows a Software Development life cycle. Planning, Requirement gathering and analysis is initial and integral part of SDLC process which is primarily done by Business Analyst. Business Analyst does a requirement analysis of the Project and on the basis of analysis we prepare SRS and other functional document and whenever required we develop use cases to explain/demonstrate business requirements/specifications to development team, and contribute a business or process perspective during design reviews.

Business Analyst role is not limited to just requirement gathering or analysis of the project, he act as an interface between the client and the developer throughout the project. His involvement is required in every phase of the SDLC process be it Requirement analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, and maintenance.

In our organization Zealous system, BA work with operation team and with our long term existing client.

In case of our existing client ,We are provided with SRS from the client we analyse it and prepare a Document of understanding (DoU)that help to make the developer understand the business process and can be reviewed it time and again when required. We also interact with developer verbally to help them understand the functionality and business process.

In case of operation BA analyse the client requirement and prepare a Ball Park(Containing feature list) and pass it on to BDE in order to close the project. SRS is also prepared depending upon the project requirement.

One acts as a bridge between the Client and the developer, if any queries are found from the developers end while implementation it should be analysed and resolved quickly as it should not hamper the implementation and scheduled time of the project. Also If any change request is entail by the client he need to analyse it and helps to understand the development team.

Once the coding is done BA assistance to Quality Management team is required to ensure that requirement documentation can be easily translated into test plans, and ensures that the proper testing plans have been completed. He also monitors the test cases.

When the final stage of development is reached, where the software is put into production and runs actual business. User acceptance testing is done by the business analyst and he prepares a delivery note in accordance with the client requirement and SRS. When it required a demo presentation of developed system is provided to the client.

In our organization Zealous system, After development when system is deployed to the client side, Client test the system and if bug is found on their side it is maintained in the bug tracker tool which is shared with us. As a BA need to keep the track of the bug and need to analyse and frame a business scenario for better analysis and pass it on to development team for fixing it.

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