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Oct 29

Secrets of Windows Phone leading it to have a brighter future

By zealousys


Smart phones were once a two man race with the arrival of iPhones and affordable Android phones. But Windows too had the same position in the market with the arrival of these phones. Microsoft is considered to be the most patient company as it stuck to windows phones all the way up to Windows Phone 8. If compared to iphone and Android, Windows appears to have the best enterprise till date.

Microsoft has always been into news with releasing products that are rough at first and have proved to be the best versions as times moves along. One of the things that makes the new windows phone the best is their ability to hook up emails especially the email sync done using Active Sync

Secrets of Windows Phone which makes it to have a bright future:

Smart Interface:

Windows Phone has a smart interface with the screen display loaded with large group of Flat Squares in vibrant rainbow colours. The text is quite large and screen features a lively appearance of the graphics being used. The start screen consists of tiles that are constantly been highlighted when updated. This makes it easy to obtain news, weather or live traffic reports.

Live Applications:

Windows phone is a huge hub of pictures, people, music, games, videos and a large marketplace. The technology used is so advanced that not only can we use our personal contacts but also we will be able to gain access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also has a smart application called X-Box Live where all video lovers can watch ample amount of videos together.

Other Attractions:

One of the apps used for checking mails is Outlook e-mail app. The text being used is big, vivid and quite simple to see and read. Another app is the Marketplace where we can buy or download phone apps easily. Bing and Bing Maps are built in applications in the windows phone. Microsoft Office is connected to Cloud for those people who are planning to use it on Windows Phone for various business purposes. However, Microsoft Office comes with only simple edit options like format, highlight and alter font colors. The calendar is designed in such a way where you can plan your daily agendas with colorful labels depending upon urgency levels. This will help you to find free days to spend and hang out with your family and friends.

Marketplace Hub:

Microsoft has now come up with Phone 7 replacing Windows mobile in the market today. It is a place where Windows Phone users can download music, games, entertainment, news, sports that can be downloaded free of cost and also can be purchased. However featured apps like IMDB and eBay are readily available in the marketplace.

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