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Feb 18

Samsung Smart Home: A Single Platform to Control Home Devices

By zealousys


For quite some time now, Samsung has been winning hearts with its delightful gadgets that senses the needs of the people. After giving to the world a whole series of smart gadget including smart sensor based washing machines and refrigerators, Samsung is all set to introduce its new product, the smart home. Till now, people had to individually set and reset the temperatures of their AC, look into their refrigerators to see what inventory’s missing and set the date in their phones manually for the maintenance of their washing machines. But, that won’t be needed any more with the smart homes visiting their residences.

The smart home is a single integrated platform that will connect all the possible devices and make them communicate with the smart phones using Wi Fi. Till date, people used to communicate with each device on a separate platform, specially created for them. This was getting cumbersome, especially loading too many apps on the phone and remembering each of them individually. But, with the arrival of smart homes, this platform gets the smartness running in the house.

A smart home application will be divided into three sections namely device control, home view and smart customer service. All these three would individually help the residents in the home get in touch with their devices and keep them running. It is time to understand what each section is attributed to. If the residents of the home are going out, this device control helps them tune the behaviors of each of the devices present inside the home.

If the person is going out, he/she should announce it to the smart home application using the voice control feature. When the smart phone application gets this message, it automatically shuts off all the lights, turns down the heater or the air conditioner and makes sure all appliances are shut off. One can set this behavior to the message “Going Out”. This way one can control the devices from anywhere. The best part is in case someone has forgotten to turn off the lights; this auto control would handle it.

The second section is home view. This is an interesting feature, one that most people would love to have. Say you want to view your devices while outside your home, the camera attached on each device would help you. It would connect to the Samsung phone or gear using the home view section of the application. So, now you would be aware of instances when the fridge is off or showing issues, when the washing machine tripped or started without consent etc.

The third section is brilliant. Here the person has the application taking care of maintenance dates, repair times and inventory inside the fridge. So, if one needs to replenish the inventory, the smart home app would announce its time to replenish to the person.

At present Samsung will make the application communicate with its own devices but, very soon they will be allowing other companies to communicate using this application. In the long run, this app will cover all the appliances including energy related, security based and healthcare products. This app is one that most people await at this given point in time.

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