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Podcasting: Help your Business Grow


Podcasting: A quick overview

Podcasts are the digital audio/video recordings that are broadcast over the internet via RSS feeds. It can store the content and permit downloading and delivering of files to a digital music player such as iPod. Although, used across a plethora of devices, the word Podcasting arose from the combination of iPod and Broadcasting.

Consequently, between 2015 and 2016, podcast listening grew 23 percent. And monthly podcast listenership has increased 75 percent since 2013.

Podcast stats

Steps in Producing a Podcast

Podcasting is a new medium in the grand scheme of media, but it is unique in the effect it has on its listeners. However, there are different step-by-step phases in the preparation of a podcast.

The podcast production techniques to be followed is: –

Podcast process

[Courtesy: Podcast Production & Process]

Why is Podcast important in business growth?

Podcasting has a lot of same effects on people as radio and television. Listeners can choose the programs they want to download from the Internet and listen whenever they want.

People are adding podcasts to blogs and websites daily. Businesses are using them for general communication and training. Moreover, Podcasts are grabbing headlines in the marketing world.

Every business should consider adding a podcast to the marketing mix. The reason to drive podcasts into business are:

Quicker to produce than blogs

There are various steps lies while writing a blog (drafting, editing, rewriting, deliberating, publishing, receiving feedback, etc.) which seriously takes several hours to complete. In comparison, it takes only 20-30 minutes to record and publish a podcast (when all equipment are available).

Portable medium

To explain, it becomes difficult to read blog posts while driving a car, cycling, jogging, mowing the lawn, or taking a shower. Perhaps, none of this is an obstacle when it comes to listening to a podcast. In fact, the listeners actually want these conditions when they’re traveling, working out, or doing some task.

Listeners are rapidly growing (active market)

Podcasts can reach the audience almost anywhere, at any time. The reason for this is:

  • most people have access to a smartphone now
  • they can subscribe and listen to the show with a couple of clicks.

Brand awareness

A podcast needs to deliver something of value and interest to the listeners. The advantage of podcasting for brands and bloggers is that the listeners receive something of value every week which establishes brand loyalty and recognition.

Adding a podcast to brand image includes an opportunity for networking and a chance for further exposure of the brand.

Drive traffic

A podcast is a more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. They get a better idea of your values and way of running the business. There are various ways to drive the audience through a podcast such as:-

  • Include podcasts in Google profile
  • Put links to Social Media profiles
  • Include show notes on Pinterest
  • Interview celebrity

Audience relationship

One of the most powerful aspects of podcasting is its capacity to connect with people. Basically, it builds a connection with the audience and also has more flexibility on how they listen to the podcast.

Distribution through multiple channels

The podcast allows the distribution of information through different aggregator software like iTunes, SoundCloud, Podbean, Buzzsprout, etc. However, the process of creating and distributing the podcast is illustrated below:
Podcast distribution

[For a complete descriptive process flow of creating a podcast => How to add Podcasts in iTunes?]


Above all, podcasts have its pros and cons, like every other medium. Though, advertising a podcast for various business plans have resulted in distinctive benefits.

Businesses use podcasts for a variety of purposes, including sharing information about new products, company information, or general information related to the industry. Also, incorporating podcasts into your marketing plan offers numerous benefits to the company.

To create a podcast channel for your website and apps, Click Here!

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