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Apr 15

Opt for Customized E-Commerce Solution for Your Online Shopping Store

By zealousys


Opt for Customized E-Commerce Solution for Your Online Shopping Store

Online shopping is fun and very popular among youngsters these days mainly due to the wide range available and the convenience of shopping from home. Globalization and internet has changed the way the world goes shopping now. A good percentage of people shop online these days from grocery to expensive mobiles and home appliances to real estate. E-Commerce has revolutionized retailing in a big way. It is not surprising anymore to see a person from Los Angeles buying cloth from a remote place in India through an online shop.

How to shop the best E-Commerce Solution?

Websites are available these days that helps you shop for the best E-Commerce Solutions. E-Commerce solutions are available online too. It is true that online shopping is very convenient and more economical due to the options available and the cut-throat competition prevailing. Same applies to choosing the right E-Commerce solution also.

Before you start shopping for your Commerce solution, beware of the following facts:

Types of E-Commerce Solutions

3 types of E-Commerce solutions are now available.

  • Open Source
  • Hosted E-Commerce System
  • Hosted order processing system

Open Source E-Commerce Systems

These are the simplest and form the basis for starting an E-Commerce site. They are easier to manage, scalable and can be hosted on any server of your choice. This means the client is not committed to any server for hosting. It is the cheapest method. The only issues are that they are less secure and little support will be available unless the client approaches an E-Commerce development company.

Hosted E-Commerce Systems

This is the easiest way to open your shop online. Custom templates are available, complete support is provided by the organization, security issues are taken care of and even a non-IT professional can create their own online shop. The issues here are that customization is very expensive and 3rd party software integration may not be supported. Though the initial set up cost is low, in the long run it will not be cost effective.

Hosted Order Processing Systems

Here the CMS and hosting can be decided by the client. Only the order processing or shopping cart and payment gateways are provided by the organization. It is more secure

and support will also be provided. This is comparatively expensive since some companies charge based on the sales volume. Some also charge for inactivity. Similarly while upgrading the shopping cart, your online shop may be affected.

Now that we know the pros and cons of various types of E-Commerce solutions available, we have to consider some other factors also that influence the decision on choosing an online solution.

  • What is the reach you expect, local or global?
  • Whether you want to go mobile also?
  • Whether you are planning a high level growth in the near future?
  • Which E-Commerce features are most important for your business?
  • Budget
  • Technical expertise

Customized E-Commerce Solutions

Another option available is customized E-Commerce Solutions provided by local software organizations and MNCs. For long run cost effectiveness, customized development and services will be more feasible. They can be easily integrated with 3rd party software for accounting and budgeting. Customized solutions are best in long run especially if you plan to diversify your business in future.

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