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Oct 22

NASA's Spacecraft 3D shows what augmented reality can do

By zealousys


There are very few people who don’t keep interest in gathering information about the other world I mean about the other planets. From centuries the inventions and discoveries are taking place and every time they come up with some meaningful and exciting news. After the recent announcement of Mars that live can survive on mars, people have become more conscious about knowing the same. IT industry has taken advantage of the same and they have launched a type of relevant 3D app that is so interesting that people of any age group can play with it.

What you can get with this app:

This 3D app is unique in its way and gives a real feel. App can easily be downloaded in your tablet and no matter where you are keeping it; this will give you a real feel of spacecraft and NASA in 3D view. While receiving the view of spacecraft you will also encounter with the alien. Using this app gives experience of too many things.

Experience that can be achieved:

There are too many things that can be achieved by using NASA’s spacecraft 3D shows and the popular some is augmented reality. This feature has come in the market just a few years ago particularly when someone noticed how to control the cameras in the tablets, laptops and in the smart phones which people carry and utilize it as an active part of an app. This app can simply add lots of live pictures so that a user starring through the screen can see the things that are actually not there. There are many other games that have started following the same trend. This app has tremendously good features that can simply astonish you and so these features are considered a serious application.

AR also carries a nice training tool and so some military organization have experimented the same. The same NASA spacecraft based 3D app can easily be downloaded without paying any cost for it particularly if you have AppleiOS and Android based phone. Some people who have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can also download it. This spacecraft can be kept into living room, car seat or in your back yard. You can simply hang it on the wall or at any target place. By hanging it on the wall or watching it through screen can really give you a feel of reality. The available spaceships include SMAP, Voyager and Cassini. The most interactive spaceships are pathfinder and curiosity that will give you freedom of raising antennas and masts by which you can easily turn the complete unit and can also drive it a little bit.

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