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Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch Out For!


Mobile Gaming specifically focuses on the evolution of gaming technologies and business models. Because of technology evolution (faster processor, larger screen, graphics capabilities, etc.,), smartphones and tablets have become a mainstream consumer device. Hence, developers have flocked to create mobile games rather than traditional consoles and PC games.

According to a report, global mobile games app revenue has reached $44.8 billion in 2016 and will grow to $80.6 billion till 2020.


[Source: Newzoo]

Mobile vs PC vs Console gaming

Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way in which we game. People no longer need to be in front of their PC or gaming consoles.

Mobile vs PC vs Console gaming

Thus, there’s a slight impact on the PC and console markets with the growth on the mobile platform. The reason behind this is mobile games are:

  • Proximity or simply convenience
  • Portable and can be played anywhere
  • No longer necessary to sit in front of computers
  • Enormous number of active mobile games available at any time on app stores
  • Install base of mobile games is much larger
  • Easy to update, no cost required for updating


Popular mobile gaming trends

The industry of mobile gaming emerged in late 90’s with the release of the pre-installed game ‘Snake‘. However, the drastic change in mobile gaming industries was after the launch of iOS and android app stores. The explosive success of Angry Birds sparked an increase in the number and quality of games leading to the creation of Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and much more.

Here are some factors that shape the mobile gaming development:

Multicultural audiences

Mobile games have been as the crucial part of marketing tactic. It is important to familiarize with the particulars and evaluate which games or game concepts could fit into the market.

Truely-indie integrated

Indie games mostly take evolutionary steps, for the success stories that emerge virally. In other words, the indie developers are in their strongest position to cultivate and craft successful indie mobile games.

These successful indie mobile games include Darkest Dungeon, Farmville 2, Stardew Valley and others.

Farmville 2

Crafting creatively with customization option

Customization is the best way in making sure that you remained engaged and invested in the game. Moreover, mobile games offer endless customizable options which personalize the gaming experience. Also, it observes how the input makes the game unique.

Restructuring graphics and gaming mechanism

Game graphics must be eye-catching to get maximum numbers of download. Furthermore, the decision to revive older games with updated graphics and gaming mechanics has seen as a positive move.

restructuring graphics

Offering disparate updates

When it comes to updating, the developers must approach a bigger and epic expansion. Basically, these updates aim to retain long-time gamers while attracts newer players at the same time.

Freemium is on the rise

In the freemium gaming model, you only need to pay for certain in-game content. For Example, in 2014, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga grossed over $ 1.8 billion and $ 1.5 billion, respectively. Hence, the developers who implement the freemium strategy is expected to grow.


[Image Credit: Andropalace]

Game Marketing

Once the game is developed, tested and released, it must be executed through App Store Optimization to rank higher and get visibility in the app store.

Accelerating the power of AR & VR

The concept of VR (Oculus Lift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, Playstation VR) is gradually changing the video game industry. It enables to transform smartphones into VR-empowered devices. For Example- Hidden Temple VR Adventure that gives you a very addictive full 360-degree view.


Besides, AR impulse into the mainstream of mobile gaming after the incredible success of Pokemon Go. Also, expected to be the most prominent gaming trend in future with a lot more games that incorporates AR elements.

In addition, the 5 top mobile gaming trends for the near future are:

Mobile GamIng dev trends


Mobile games offer limitless fun and adventure through its content and environment. However, smartphones and tablets are no longer the means of communication, they are also a means of entertainment which virtually works at our fingertips.

To incorporate aforementioned trends in your gaming apps/features/ideas, Click Here!

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