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Mar 18

Mobile Apps – Their importance for Businesses

By zealousys


Mobile Apps – Their importance for Businesses

Software companies are frantically trying to develop mobile applications to help all kinds of businesses. There are still a few companies that may not have an app and they are missing out on making serious money.

The reason why mobile application development is important for businesses is that customers are using their mobile phones a lot more to make all kinds of decisions – checking weather, booking tickets, purchasing groceries and other items etc.

Why businesses should invest in mobile apps?

This makes it important for businesses to get relevant business apps – just having a website isn’t enough anymore. Quite a few business sites are not compatible for mobiles and all the optimized text and graphics don’t show up well on a screen which is a little of 5.5 inches wide. Businesses need leaner versions of their sites that can load fast on a mobile phone and a way to channel website users towards downloading and using mobile applications.

Reasons to use Apps instead of mobile friendly websites:

Some of the reasons why mobile application development is important are:

  • The fewer clicks a person has to use to get to a product or service, the more likely people are to spend money. An app can get a customer to their product quicker than a website
  • Mobile apps usually store payment information to make online transactions easier to carry out and seamless. Customers are more likely to buy if the process is easy.
  • Familiarity makes people more comfortable about using new features on their phone.

What kinds of businesses benefit from apps? Almost every business!

If a company is offering products, the concept of developing an app is simple – just create an online store with access to one-click ordering. Restaurants also fit into this arena – especially since customers like to have their food delivered. If a company is offering services like dentists, gym owners, therapists or cleaning services, mobile apps make it easier for customers to find providers, make and rearrange appointments, browse through multiple options and also pay for services received.

Most businesses may not be large enough to hire a mobile application development team, which gives them the option to contact companies who are experts in the business. The good thing is that app development companies can be located anywhere and offer affordable services. All that matters in such cases is that one has to choose a company which understands their client’s business model and vision. They should be able to translate all the information into a simple and memorable app which will reach out to a specific customer base.

Tips to working with a mobile app development team:

After picking the right team to work with, it is important to find out what they have to say about adding features and design. The thing to keep in mind is that these companies do this professionally and will be able to design apps based on customer needs and optimized to get the results for clients.

It also pays to consult a web design company so that they can help formulate a plan to drive traffic to the website as well as download apps so that ordering products and services becomes easy. One easy way to market apps is to go through the Apple Store, Google Play and other social media sites.

Keep in mind that most mobile application development companies have to design apps for multiple platforms – iOS and Android currently. Many businesses don’t realize that they have to pay for 2 app designs. The market between smart phone users and Android phone users is split and businesses need to approach each customer. It pays to do the extra work and invest in getting both apps.

With 6 billion potential customers, business owners owe it to themselves to develop the best apps possible and invest in their future.

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