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Mobile App Development: Prerequisites & Considerations


Mobile App Development is an immersive way to implement business ideas which involve heavy user engagement [on-the-go engagement of users]. Currently, the three major platforms in the mobile app segment are iOS, Android, and Windows. Furthermore, cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, and others also lie under the umbrella of App development.

Mobile App Development: Points to consider

Developers face multiple challenges every time they start working on a new app. However, the app becomes successful and popular only after overcoming those challenges.

Here are some issues that need to be taken into consideration while designing and implementing any mobile app:

Simple, Interactive and Easy to use

It becomes a great challenge to design apps in a way that makes them self- explanatory and intuitive. The app must contain interactive UI elements for each OS. It should include brief tutorials for an easy and clear explanation of the functions. Similarly, thumbnails and icons need to be display information in a compact manner.

Create Noticeable apps

Creating an app which gets noticed in the competitive mobile app market becomes an immense deal for the developers. Thus, there is a constant pressure to create apps which get noticed. The developers must make an app which is productive and pleasant focusing on UI, intuitive design, graphics and usable features. For Example- FarmVille 2 Country Escape

Farmville 2

Compatible with multiple devices

Create an app which can run on many different devices with different screen sizes. Hence, the app should be progressive and responsive to be compatible with multiple devices. Responsive design provides screen more liquidity to adjust in any screen type. For Example- Facebook.

Development approach

The tools and platforms used for the development of apps also matter for the success of the app. There are three common ways that developers are building applications for mobile devices:

  • Native
  • HTML5
  • Hybrid

Native vs html5 vs hybrid

[Source: Native-HTML5-Hybrid]

Performance vs Battery life

To maintain popularity in apps market, it is important to develop a well performing, bug-free app which runs on minimal battery consumption. Performance, however, is a development feature which includes the running tests of the apps as per the user’s expectations.

Content Management

Various apps include rich content like videos, images, and animations that consume lots of bandwidths. In fact, an update doesn’t necessarily mean developing a new version of apps every time. The aim should be at simplifying the content, optimizing bandwidth usage and delivering content reliably.

Marketing and Promoting strategy

A successful app needs a massive marketing and promoting action plan. Although, these strategies must frame into effective market competition with right tools, platforms, and tight timelines. Here, App Store Optimization plays a vital role in app marketing to boost app’s visibility and ranking in app stores. For example, some of the app marketing tools are:

Tools for app MarketingConnection with users

The app should have a positive first impression. It must be user-friendly and have interactive features. Moreover, the design, color, logo, fonts, and unique features should be recognizable to the users. Also, it should give them a feeling of belongingness.

Transparency of app store

The success of an app depends on the app store it is launched. Therefore, transparency is very important while deploying the app. Though, the only way out is to research and go through the reports released by the app stores.

Mobile app development

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