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Apr 20

Marketing Tips For Your E-commerce Website -II

By zealousys

In our last tech Thursday’s article, we had mentioned some highly effective e-commerce marketing strategies to implement on your e-commerce site. However, by developing a cohesive and long-term content/ link building strategy you can fully optimize your e-commerce site.

So if you are looking for a significant increase in traffic and conversion rates, here are some more tips in addition to what we had discussed earlier:-

Generate a Few Featured Sales Pages That Sites Can Link To

E-commerce sales

Generating a specific product category page can receive links from deal sites and other bloggers. As a result, these pages will be ranking as key-player for your site. Furthermore, even if products get rotate or the site undergoes a redesign, the category pages will still remain as a part of the site architecture and will be least likely to get an impact.

Send Out Free Products to Influencers in the Industry

Free stuffs related to product

Influencing potential customers and encourage them to purchase your product is a difficult task. Therefore, it is essential to work with an influencer to promote a discount code or freebies to increase their visibility with a wider audience. Getting a freebie related to the product prompt them to talk about it 15% more.

Consider Product Giveaways That Prompt People to Share on Social Media


Social media can be a powerful source of e-commerce revenue, and a great spot to engage with the customers. Moreover, the latest features from Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram gets your products noticeable by more people. Furthermore, social media contests are an affordable and measurable way to drive traffic to your website. Launching these contests helps to engage customers in a personal and playful way.

Locate Quality, Reputable Directories

Search engine directories

Web directories emerged prior to search engines as the means to help people discover websites online. Being on the list of search directories drive value to your website and more importantly provide a valuable user experience.

Get Started on Quora

Quora reference to build link

Quora is a question-answer platform where people post questions and get answers thoroughly. At first, make a resource on your blog that answers the question related to product category. Then link to the post somewhere in your response. Also, include external sources in your references to build the credibility of your answers.

Wrapping Up

These basic strategies may not be the easiest way to implement on an e-commerce website. But, they are incredibly effective to drive traffic and value.

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