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Jun 11

Magneto’s iPhone Theme is a sign of dazzling success for the future

By zealousys


E-Commerce has been achieving rapid success day by day with its inventions on themes for iPhones and so is Magneto. M-commerce has been booming with its development as well and small retailers are making their way towards the E-Commerce market with their innovations. M-Commerce also known as E-commerce does not have much difference except for the fact that it can be very irritating for the customers trying to understand its use. Magneto developers have found development of Mobile commerce website a very taxing one. This will help you use the mobile device in a better way for shopping online with your device.

Magneto’s iPhone theme has created a big surprise as it can be optimized for iPad, Tablet in the portrait as well as landscape format. It is basically to cater the interests of the audience as well as the small retailers who wish to take over the giant counterparts. It uses iPhone’s in-built navigation methods to direct the person. Moreover it also uses the global site search, customer accounts and a shopping cart which makes it easy for any consumer to shop in and just click the “BUY” button followed by the complete checkout process too. Traditionally, E-commerce did suffer a bit due to unfulfilled desires of the customers. But, with the introduction of Magneto’s iPhone theme, things have changed and there is a vast development as well as demand for this theme.

The basic advantages of using Magneto’s iPhone theme are:-

  1. Magneto has basically designed this theme keeping in mind the views of the consumers when it comes to online shopping by providing them with various information as well as purchase options.
  2. It uses in-built multi store features as well as powerful languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. These in all help the user to take a zoomed view of every product along with views written on the particular page.
  3. Shopping is just a click away. You have internet facilities which help you log in anytime, check the information about the products and then even provide you live updates with the use of AJAX. Along with this, the iPhone theme also comes with visible buttons and proper fonts when it comes to the content.
  4. Payment gateways are easily tied for Credit card, Debit Card or through PayPal. These will be equally proportional to the screen of your iPhone and provide equal security as well.
  5. You can create your own templates, presentations with quick selective options and less time when it comes to page reloading.

So, if Magneto’s iPhone theme has so much to offer then for sure you can be confident about the needs of the customers being met. So, being competitive but wise advisers should help you make the right choice as it will be beneficial and less time consuming for you only. With the help of this app, your M-commerce website will give you the same but better feel than the E-commerce website.

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