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Oct 25

M-Commerce in Africa: Beyond Selling

By zealousys

Sawubona SA!

In this post, we will cover some start-ups across Africa. The highlight of these start-ups is their utilization of m-commerce in unique and creative ways.



WeFarm is:-

-A start-up based in Kenya

-A peer to peer knowledge sharing platform

-connects farmers to vital information

Application of m-commerce

-Farmers drop in questions via SMS

-Crowd-source answers from other farmers and experts

-No internet required

-Profit is generated by WeFarm’s Insight and Reach platforms for organizations



SnapScan is:-

-A startup based in South Africa

-A mobile payment service

-Aimed at simplifying payments

Application of m-commerce

-simplify payments by using smartphones

simplify charity donations by partnering with non-profit organizations 





DabaDoc is:-

-A start-up with presence across Morocco, SA, Algeria, Tunisia, and Pakistan

-A medical appointment booking platform

Application of m-commerce

-Connects patients and doctors

-A free service for patients

-In addition, it helps doctors to optimize their schedule

-Available on iOS and Android devices


Gifted Mom


-An initiative born in Cameroon Africa

-A Knowledge sharing platform targeted at women for pre and Antenatal care

Application of m-commerce

-Notifications/Guides for antenatal care (SMS/App)

-Vaccination tracker program for children (SMS/App)

-Teen health/sex education (SMS/App)

-Mobilizing community and health workers (SMS/App)

-App based personalized journal

-Quick tips from doctors



To conclude, focus on creating a better world by solving socially relevant issues can lead to miraculous results. Also, the commercialisation aspect sooner or later follows up eventually.

In a nutshell, the scope of m-Commerce is not just limited to sales. It has the potential to truly transform and improvise the way our systems work.


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