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Aug 14

Leap Motion Controller’s leaps

By zealousys

One of the most amazing developments in technology is the Leap Motion Controller which can be considered close to what has become a dream for many is the Augmented Reality.

This technology has been improved after a prolonged research and finally has its software updated.

Why Leap Motion Controller?

  1. The first and foremost important feature of Leap Motion controller is its all new V2 Tracking Beta for developers.
  2. It holds the speed and positional accuracy of V1 along with tracking the actual joints and bones of the user’s fingers.
  3. Another benefit is its Occlusion Robustness wherein the controller can sense unseen fingers or fingers moved vertically or intertwined.
  4. It comes with a tremendously mended resistance to ambient infrared light like sunlight, powerful halogens, etc.
  5. Leap Motion controller also aims at removing the hassle of using a paper and a pen or messages, while communicating with those who are deaf and mute.
  6. Over and above the special parameters like grab/pinch APIs, this controller has much more minute data for developers about the user’s fingers.



On one hand, Leap Motion Controller proves to be a boon whereas on the other, many take it to be a toy and are not attracted to use it in a working space. The controller needs to be more user-friendly, according to the critics.

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