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Key Aspects Of an E-Commerce Website


The success of any website depends not only on the products it offers or how well it promotes its site. But, also depends on the features it offers for the consumers. When it comes to E-commerce website it’s all about functionality, features, and design.

Internet merchants must understand the importance of a professional looking websites to convert visitors into customers.

Here are few factors to be taken into consideration:

Easy to Use Website

Ease of use is the easiest way of stating the goal of usability testing. While creating a new website, the design must be easy enough to use. It helps the visitors to navigate and find all of the necessary features quickly and without undue effort. According to a research study, 76% of consumers say the most important factor of a website is ease of use.

Mobile Responsive Web Store

Mobile shopping apps have become the most important way to reach customers. All websites must update the mobile-friendly version. Also, it is important to be conscious of many different devices and screen sizes used by the consumers. In a certain duration of time, websites need to incorporate responsive web design to ensure the user gets optimal experience regardless of device type and screen size.

Review & Ratings

Users also want to see negative and positive reviews to balance feedback. Hence, it is important to relieve customers suspicious that the reviews could be fake.

amazon_reviews & ratings

Deals, Special offers, Free stuff

Limited offers give customers the now-or-never drive to complete purchases instead of saving it for later. Thus, discounts and special deals are usually the first things that website visitors look for.


Shopping Cart & Store Finder

The best shopping cart makes it easy to add or remove products and go back to the store to make changes or purchase something new. Likewise, store finder tab is an option for the users who prefer to check out from local or national retailers. They visit the website only to find the nearest shop location or branch.

Online shopping cart

Related and Alternate Items

A related item feature on an e-commerce site creates the desirable stickiness effect that so many marketers strive to achieve.

Customer Service via Live Chats & FAQs

24×7 hotlines and live chats constitute highly appreciated forms of value-added customer service.

Advance Payment Method

There may be technical limitations to a payment method, therefore, it would be better to clarify payment options in advance. There are multiple choices for an advance online payment such as digital wallets, instant EFT, Credit & Debit Cards, Paypal, etc.

Detailed Shipping Info

Include shipping information in the checkout process, including a zip code calculator showing cost. It also helps to include delivery time and options for faster delivery.


Call-to-Action Button

Actually, it has a major impact on whether or not you close a sale.


Social Media Links

It becomes necessary for marketers to recognize the power of social media. They must understand how to use social media for the e-commerce business in a way that

  • grows the audience,
  • keeps them engaged,
  • drives sales & traffic back to the website.

Social media links

Moreover, social media accounts bring excellent opportunities for self-promotion as it allows e-commerce brands to show authenticity and associate an emotional connection with their products.

Share and Email Buttons => Individual social buttons are easier for shoppers to use, It helps spread the word in a quick and efficient way.

Security Features

Security is one of the biggest concerns for customers shopping online. To avoid compromising your e-commerce transactions, you must remain attentive in your security measures. Hence, the best practice to protect your online store is to sign up with a security scan vendor and display their logo on the website.

Secure login

  1. SSL Certificates
  2. Two-factor authentication (code sent via eMail/SMS)
  3. Privacy Policy

Such certificates give customers a sense of security and give them confidence in sharing their private information.


Therefore, these minor suggestions can actually help your webstore get a significant boost. And also, establishes credibility and builds confidence with the buyer.

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