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Jul 09

Joomla Article - Be Friendly with Prominent features here

By zealousys


Joomla is an open source content management system which has earned recognition universally as it allows the developers to create dynamic websites and other prominent online applications. This award-winning CMS is available with a number of benefits and thus established organizations opt for Joomla. One of the greatest features of Joomla is that it is an easily available CMS and functions more effectively compared to other websites. Thus several aspects including its extensibility and free availability have made it most popular website software available ever. Joomla development has been helping several organizations as it is extremely customizable and adaptable. It is ideal for Enterprise, SMBs, NPOs and many more.

Joomla is a user-friendly CMS portal that enables the website owners with limited programming knowledge to operate a website without any difficulty. Websites that are depended on the development of Joomla CMS enjoys features of easy set up and installation. Furthermore, Joomla development offers a database motivated by the site engines, which is essentially considered to be the primary requirement in websites. Once there is a development of your website, with the Joomla CMS, the developer can include polls and voting booths and further keep the website in the discussion of the visitors.

The level of Joomla customization and integration tag the websites with CMS to perform better compared to the one without a CMS. Websites those are developed on a Joomla platform have the capacity to modify and customize the core of the system that further changes the default layouts. In addition to that Joomla allows the users to amend their web pages along with their files.

Know the Prominent features of Joomla: It works in Business!

Language Manager
Joomla is a language manager as it supports many international languages. The moment the developers install Joomla, it works with a language extension. Joomla is an international support for many world languages as well as UTF-8 encoding.

Template management
Templates are important in a way as it makes a site look exactly the way one wants. One can use either a single template for the entire site or can even employ separate templates for each site section. Advanced Joomla customization and integration process shows all web pages within a template, and further the template can be manipulated at any moment.

Content Management
Joomla enables you to organize your content in a way according to your wish. Your users can enjoy the benefit of rating articles; e-mail them to a friend, and simultaneously save a PDF. Creating content becomes easier with the WYSIWYG editor, which gives users the ability to combine text and images in a striking way.

News feed Management
Joomla enables easy syndication of your site content. Each user subscribes to new content in their favorite RSS reader.
With so much to offer, Joomla definitely keeps a stand in the world of online Content management system and much more.

Author’s Bio

Janet works in a firm that specializes in designing and development of Content Management Systems using Joomla Development. The company has a good experience in Joomla customization and integration.

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