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May 18

Integrating Social Media Widgets Into WordPress

By zealousys

Social media, in particular, is an effective way of “interacting with potential customers on a personal level”.

It is the easiest and effective way to drive traffic to your website. Also, to reach a new target audience for published content.

How to integrate Social Media into a WordPress website

Integrating social media into a WordPress website could be as simple as installing a plugin for some “share” buttons. But, sharing is not the only way to integrate social media into WordPress.

In fact, here are few ways which make your website more social and engage your clients to get more eyes on the content.

Social media following

Social Following

=>Tap into your social media profiles and start connecting with others in your blog niche.

=>Add links to your social media profiles to your sidebar, footer, or header of your blog or website.

Social Media Flying Icons[For Example- WordPress Plugin— Social Flying Icons on Blogs]

Social Commenting

=>An excellent way to encourage conversation on your site.

=>Moreover, it helps you to develop a loyal community of readers and visitors. Use a plugin like

=>Use a plugin like Social Comments for the social media logged in users.

add comments on social media

[For Example- WordPress Plugin— Social Comments]

Content Broadcasting

=>Allows you to customize each message for each social media service.

=>Instead of manually sharing, you can automatically share your posts as soon as they are published.

NextScripts: Social Network

[For Example- WordPress Plugin— NextScripts]

Content Locking

=>Allows you to hide some premium content/posts behind social media button.

=>Generates interest for your content and increase the number of shares on that particular post.

=>In order to see the content, visitors have to share your page on a social media service such as Facebook or Twitter.

OnePress Social Locker

[For Example- WordPress Plugin— Onepress Social Locker]

Stats Tracking

=>Offer some form of analytics and basic stats to determine the popularity of your content in your WordPress dashboard.

=>Accordingly, this information can help you plan out future blog posts and pages.

Social metrix tracker

[For Example- WordPress Plugin— Social Metrics Tracker]

Social Media Feeds

=>Enables you to add feeds from multiple social networks within one browser window.

For Example- [status updates from Facebook, tweets on Twitter, posts from Google+ and even photos from Instagram simultaneously]

=>Also, have an option to add a follow button below or above individual feeds.

Feed them social

[For Example- WordPress Plugin— Feed Them Social]

Wrapping Up

Integrating social media directly into your website will lead to more readers and encourage people to follow you. Therefore, social media WordPress plugins are very important to bloggers and website owners.

For a social media savvy business website, Reach Us!

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