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May 09

Africa Basics: Benefits of Custom Web Development

By zealousys

Sawubona Africa!

The following infographic illustrates the benefits of custom web development over free websites: –

Why should SMEs opt for custom web development?

Rank well in search engines (SEO)

With the penetration of mobile devices, search engines are the main information resource for the masses. Hence, It makes more sense to take full benefits of SEO than partial benefits through social media pages or a free website with templates

Give a Boost to your online marketing efforts

For a better understanding of your brand by social media websites and search engines, incorporating meta-tags as per the OpenGraph Protocol and the specifications at can lead to a high traffic volume.

Narrate stories about your products & services

Create ==> Blogs + Podcasts + Infographics + Interactive Content + Videos + GIFs

No limits to UI/UX changes

Build a fully customizable interface guided by the links of your choice and displaying the relevant content.


Build websites/web applications which can be expanded in terms of functionality as well as size

Build hybrid apps

Is there a CMS you love too much? Also, at the same time, you don’t want to give up the ease of using a framework or writing native code in a language of your choice? No problem, build hybrid applications combining the best of both worlds.

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