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Dec 29

Ideas for Web Design: 2017

By zealousys

The domain of Web Design is always changing with new tools, workflows, and best practices for constructing usable layouts.

The concept of traditional web design is fading away. In traditional Web Design, the role of design was more to make the tech look good to the audience.

Rather, it has now shaped into something bigger, which looks into the experience of users and their stories.

Following is a list of ideas for Web Design in 2017: –

Visual design (with focus on videos)

Visual Design refers to a long established and versatile medium for storytelling, marketing, and blogging which holds the attention of the user for a longer period of time.

Videos, for marketing purpose, are quickly taking over the internet and becoming more widespread in social media. This trend is set to continue even more so until it completely dominates the web and all online content.

With an increase in broadband access, 2017 will see more websites incorporating videos as a part of their HTML scheme. For Example, the homepage for Mediaboom utilizes a video background.

Mobile-First Design

Mobile first has become a popular trend within the UX design and development communities. With Google’s 2016 announcement on mobile first indexing, 2017 will witness more and more designers pushing for a mobile first approach.

Also, as we have mentioned time and again, the no. of mobile users have surpassed the no. of desktop users. Hence, this further contributes to the push.

Mobile devices vs Desktop

Flat Design + Material Design

Flat design has been around for a while and is more likely to be going steady for the coming years.

A great example of flat design coupled with material design is Google Now, which uses a card-like system to display information brackets. Rather than isolating information inside of static icons, it now displays data on a standard-sized card that’s easy to read and easy to swipe away.


The material design concept has been developed by Google in recent years. However, it has steadily rolled out across its applications, including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and YouTube.

Basically, google material design uses geometric shapes to visually enhance their site, create depth, and realism. The basic idea is skeuomorphism. Also, this facilitates interactivity.tips for shadow design

This combination of 2 different design paradigm is basically an interplay of:-

  • Layering of elements
  • Drop shadow of elements
  • Meaningful movement of elements (eg. change in elevation on a hover event)

Rise of Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are performing increasingly relevant on the Web, Storytelling, and to express emotions.

The Animated GIF trend will most likely call for more social networks to offer GIF support. Twitter, for example, has made it possible for a variety of content types to be embedded directly in tweets through Twitter Cards.


Micromini Interactions

Micromini interactions are one of the best techniques for giving delightful feedback. Moreover, it provides a different way to interact with websites and mobile phones.

As mentioned in one of our previous posts on web personalization, these tiny details typically serve these essential functions:

  • Communicate feedback or the result of an action.
  • Accomplish an individual task.
  • Enhance direct manipulation.
  • Help users to visualize the results of their actions and prevent errors.


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