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Mar 14

How To Generate Leads Through Your Website

By zealousys

Sawubona Africa!

Driving traffic to your website is one of the most common challenges. But, converting website visitors into leads is an important marketing process. Instead, marketers and designers need to take a more strategic approach. However, the best method to turn visitors into leads is through Lead Capture Forms.

What exactly are Lead Capture Forms?

Lead Capture Forms are those forms that appear on your website to gather visitors personal data. This form allows you to collect leads for your respective offers and nurture them down your marketing funnel. To gather information effectively, you’ll need to keep 2 things in mind – the form’s design and the incentive you’re offering.


Lead capture forms generate highly qualified leads—make sure yours links to your CRM. There are two main types of Lead Capture Forms:


Pop-ups are windows that appear on the page the visitor is browsing. They become noticeable because they appear as a highlighted image right in the center of the screen blocking the content page.

Even though pop-ups are annoying, they are effective. Also, they force visitors to respond as they cannot be ignored.

lead capture-popups
The best alternative to pop-ups is slide-ins.

Less Intrusive Slide-in

The slide-in is a much less intrusive version of the popup. It doesn’t cover up the center of the screen. The slide-in slides in from the bottom corner of your website and stays in the corner of the website until your visitors fill it in or close it down. It provides the visitor a much better user experience without demanding any return actions. You can see how it works in this example from Eva Solo:


However, the best thing about slide-ins is the possibility to add a teaser.


A teaser is a small bar that scrolls down to the page bottom as soon as the visitor closes the slide-ins. It encourages visitors to read the article located on another page. A typical teaser contains a title, an image, and a short text. The title is usually a link that the user can click to go to the full article.

It is very effective for marketing purpose in order to buy a product. For Example, in this image of Evasolo, you can see the slide-in that shuts down to form a teaser.

Slide-in and teaser

The Takeaway

When implementing a popup or a slide-in for your site, always make sure you’re considering the visitors to convert into customers. To earn maximum conversions, it is important to optimize your website accordingly. Therefore, a website ready for lead generation is an essential factor in the growth of a small/medium enterprise.

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NDA From The Start
We keep your idea safe. We're always willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you and fully protect your intellectual property.


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