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How To Evolve Your App’s User Experience


User Experience is a crucial element which fulfills the key business objectives (generating revenues, traffic, brand building, and reputation). Amusing user experience could not only save the number of users but also provides users with a high viscosity.

What exactly is User Experience/UX?

User Experience(UX) is an integral part of design process. Basically, it refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It incorporates all aspects of end user interaction with the mobile/web application. Furthermore, UX encompasses a lot of factors that includes usability, accessibility, performance, design, overall human interaction, and marketing.

User Experience

[Source: UX is more than Usability]

In fact, a user experience is dynamic as it is constantly modified over time. Here are some points to upgrade user experience:-

Master users’ core need

Great design drives great user experience. Meeting user expectations totally relies on successfully matching the customer’s mental model. In order to build relevant, useful, and effective systems, designers must do a usage research to understand why users come to these systems.


UX design together with monitoring, collection, and analysis of visitor behavior drives to the goal by creating a productive and engaging personalized user experience.

Save some bonuses on design

Bonuses mean offering surprises to the users. This kind of surprise makes the product more attractive to new users. Also, provide fresh feelings to the regular user. While developing bonus opportunities, you must think about the “extra efforts” that make users’ willing to pay for it.

Surprises for customers 1
Hence, you can upgrade your product and set up the bonus plan as a temporary and short term, which can further be replaced with a different one.

Make user-predictable interactions

Predictability comes into play during an initial experience or a repeated one. The clear outcome of a positive, predictable experience is the effect it has on customer satisfaction. Generally, it enhances the perception customers have of the company and affects sales growth.

Mc Donalds predictable items

For example- McDonald’s – when it came into the market it created a worldwide phenomenon.  Customers get the same predictable experience every time they buy at McD—no-frills, fast and friendly service.

Keep details consistent

Consistency is the key for a better user experience. Basically, to provide a quality user experience, it is essential to be consistent in both the design and content of your product. The reason is thus: consistency separates a random experience from a polished one.


These two elements (Font and Color) decide the visual feelings of users rather than skipping the product/services.

Easy testing tools

Designers deal with more complex UX issues to make their design more appealing to the targeted audience. However, the designer applies different tools to fit in a different situation.

Image Editing Tools

Image editing tools

Interaction Design Tools

Interaction design tools

Wrapping up

User experience is one of the main focus points for the success or failure of the product, system or services in the market. As a matter of fact, effective user experience design during the app development process always leads to better user engagement.

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