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Sep 10

How Android controls the Smartphones market by becoming popular than iPhone?

By zealousys


How Android controls the Smartphones market by becoming popular than iPhone?

The earlier mobile phones were majorly used for making and receiving calls. But with the advancement and innovation in technology, today mobile phones have been transformed into Smartphone. Now, phones are not only used for calling purposes but they mean more than that. The usability and success of a Smartphone is because of the advanced operating systems.

Today, most popular Smartphones are those which run on Android and iPhone’s operating system. Theses operating systems are very much advanced such that it has attracted many customers towards it. The applications and functionality of these operating systems are much higher than any other systems. Both the operating systems have its own advantages but according to some research it has been found out by the IDC, a research firm, Android grew to be massively more popular than the iPhone’s OS. Google’s Android operating system has captured the market of devices from 80% and Apple iPhone’s Operating system has powers the Smartphones by only 13%.

Market can change the position of any firm in just few minutes. Google’s Android has reached at the peak in the world of Smartphones though it has been released in the market after the launch and the popularity of iPhone. You can easily see the position of the Android that where it is. How fast the Android has reached to the success. Below are the points which show how Android grew to be massively more popular than the iPhone’s OS.

‘Android’ was a sole company handled by other partners in the year 2003. They first focused on the development of digital cameras and phone’s software. In the year 2005 Google introduced Android after many efforts of Andy Rubin with the help of its partners. First Smartphone has been launched called as ‘G1’ in the market by Google. Android got its biggest rise in the year 2009 when Motorola Droid was launched. Being the exclusive by Verizon, Android got a big win over iPhone as iPhone was not under it.

The Nexus One has launched by the Google in the year 2010 in the month of January. As it was the first Smartphone that was launched by the Google in the market, the users of this phone has increased with the time so as it also increases the popularity of the Android. But after some time the company discontinued the product. And in the same year 2010, Samsung launched its Galaxy S Smartphone that has given a great rise to Android. Samsung introduced million of Smartphones in the market and adopted the Android for all the devices.

This was the year when Android got ahead from iPhone for the first time. Its market contribution was recorded to be more than that of iPhone’s. ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, a new version of Android, has been launched in the market which took the boom. In 2012, an updating was done by Google in Android known as Jelly Bean that has also been the cause of rise of Android.
The properties of Android make it more popular than the iPhone. It has become the most required application these days.

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