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May 20

Hottest Internet trends for New Year, 2014

By zealousys


Internet has become an inevitable part of life for most people. Work, personal life or business expansion Internet has an important role everywhere. Social networking, mass media, online shopping, outsourcing etc. all need Internet. In the last 5 years internet usage has sky-rocketed. With smart phones becoming more affordable to common people, internet usage through mobile phones is on an increase too.

Current Internet trends

The last couple of years saw the growth of social networking and mass media communication growing popularity in Internet. Where checking emails used to be the main usage of Internet a decade back. Social networking, online shopping and online searching gained popularity in last couple of years. Virtual reality has been shaking the existence of many in the real world for the last few of years.

Social Networking

Social networking websites like facebook, linkedin, tumblr and twitter has become a rage among youngsters. While many of these sites are used by professionals for official and business profiles, many others are just pass time for youngsters. Businesses take advantage of such sites and use them for marketing their products and services thanks to the reach they get on such sites.

eCommerce or Online Shopping

The world has become a small place with online shopping. People from anywhere in the world can buy anything sold across the globe sitting in front of their computer. While online shopping sites caught on attention in the last couple of years, people are turning to mobile shopping now.

Online Searching

It has become a habit for most people to ‘google’ or search online for anything they need. While it may seem absurd to many it remains a fact that they do get a solution. This has lead to another marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Most of the companies online now understand the possibilities of popularizing their web content and engage SEOs to make their websites more popular.


With smart phones available in all ranges and their possibilities increasing every day, mobile internet is gaining demand now. There’s little that people can’t do using a smart phone now. You can watch movie, listen to music, complete office work, chat, mail, take photos, make movies, travel, shop and the list of mobile applications is endless.

eBooks and eReading

With the kind of time people spend on Internet, publishers are now coming with an Internet version of many books. This is also getting very popular since the eBook can be carried inside the mobile and the user can read on the go.

Internet enabled devices

The current trend is to connect all or any electronic device to the world of Internet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Cars are one of the immediate examples. Cars these days come with Bluetooth adaptors and GPS locators (though this was available in the US and other developed countries, it is comparatively new to 3rd world countries). Similarly now Air Conditioners can be operated using mobiles and watches can be used as mobiles too.

Like smart phones, all electronic gadgets seem to be getting smart using Internet and web applications.

What more to expect from Internet 2014?

Optical cables are gaining popularity now with a single point connection for telephone, television cable and Internet. Though very few companies can afford it now, there are providers who are trying this option in many places across the world. Another trend to expect is smart home appliances that work with in connection with mobile apps or internet. Even shoes can get smarter with one of the big players in the field are coming up with Bluetooth connected shoes. Augmented reality is a step further than virtual reality with getting digital information from the images of a live scene or person. Fully computerized electric cars with Bluetooth and many other features are also coming up.

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