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Dec 24

Google releases Dart SDK 1.0

By zealousys


Google has always been on the move to bring about changes in the techno world. Right from the beginning, the products of Google have been noticed in the market, and have been marked as successful ones. The latest venture of Google is the launch of the latest version of Dart- Dart SDK 1.0. The Devoxx conference held on 13th November 2013 in Belgium saw the unveiling of Google’s 1.0 version of Dart SDK. Dart SDK is a cross browser as well as an open source toolkit used for structured web apps. This is the first stable release of Dart that can be downloaded from dartlang.org.

Google has more expectations on Dart SDK 1.0, and considers this very version as a change to a ready to use option for the web developers. The first Dart was released in October 2011. From then, the company was working hard with adopters for the purpose of bringing the project into a more fruitful one, and to grow its community. Dart SDK features the Pub package manager that has more than 500 packages that are written by third party developers and not by Google.

Other than the actual programming language, the latest version of Dart, Dart SDK 1.0 contains tools as well as core libraries that help developers make the development work easier, faster and scalable. A Dart Editor too is included in it that helps developers to manage a growing code base. This is possible due to the features like refactoring, hints, warnings, jump to definition, code completion and lots more. Dart2js translator will allow Dart code to run in modern browsers for the purpose of deployment.

Google has been trying hard to increase the performance of Dart’s generated JavaScript for a few months. Google even claims that Dartjs output of the DeltaBlue benchmark works faster than JavaScript. The output cod size of dart2js has been decreased and VM is faster than idiomatic JavaScript that runs in V8. VM now runs between 42 to 130 percent faster than idiomatic JavaScript. This depends on the benchmark.

Dart is an open source web programming language by the Google. The main aim of Dart is to replace JavaScript. This is a gradual process and will consume a lot of time. Google has until now been taking steps to bring about better performance, adding more number of security features, moving on to large projects and building up on a slow pace, an alternative for helping developers manage a changing application.

Teams like Montage, Soundtrap, Mandrill, Blossom, Google’s internal CRM app and Google Elections are already using Dart SDK 1.0 successfully. Apart from that, companies like dron.io, Adobe and JetBrains have started adding the Dart support right into their products. To start with Dart SDK, all you have to do is move on to dartland.org, and checkout the conversation at Dartisans community on Google+.

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