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Oct 20

The Future of Mobile: AR, VR and More

By zealousys

Proliferation of Augmented Reality Apps

We all saw the world go crazy with Pokémon Go. This AR app was such a hit that Niantic currently has no stats of the unofficial downloads outside the authorized geographies. However, there are many other apps which tapped into this space before Pokémon Go.



Why there will be a boom in the AR Apps?

Although such apps have existed in the past, improvements in the built-in smartphone APIs allow mobile applications to get detailed information about the device taking things to a whole new level. So what is the recipe for building a cool AR App? To start with, access to the following:-

  1. Camera
  2. GPS
  3. Magnetometer
  4. Accelerometer

Explosion of Virtual Reality Mobile Apps

Oculus Rift, PSVR, Hololens, and Vive are all amazing, but there is one problem with all these VR platforms. They all are very hardware intensive and expensive. With the advent of DIY Cardboard Project and the Daydream VR Platform, anyone with a smartphone can get access to an immersive VR experience.


Also, the developments made in the AR have paved the way for VR app development. Have a look at the following video:-

One more reason why VR Apps will work is because mobile devices have crossed the no. of desktop computers. Currently, it is the only platform with the highest commercial leverage.


With all sorts of new wearables coming out, the sources of data inputs have increased. The future belongs to those Mobile Apps which can utilize this continuous stream of data in new and creative ways.

A good citation for the same is the healthcare industry.

GOQii, an Indian healthcare start-up, which other than selling wearables claims to offer a complete ecosystem. This ecosystem includes:-

-Coaching from fitness experts

-Consultation from doctors

-Partnerships with diagnostic centers


Also, as more AR and VR offerings are coming in the market, the focus from mobile is gradually shifting towards wearables.

Mobile Security Apps

In the present day, Mobile devices have become more personal than Personal Computers which poses a serious vulnerability. The coming years will witness an increase in demand in security apps which provide end to end solutions to security and privacy concerns. This is more than permission management, app lock, and viruses. Following are some new issues which have cropped up:-

  1. Denial of Service Attacks
  2. Remote Eaves Dropping
  3. The Internet of (vulnerable) Things
  4. Mobile Payment
  5. Connection Hijacking


Rise of Fin-Tech Mobile Apps

Fintech is an amalgamation of 2 words, “Finance” and “Technology”. It comprises of:-

-Peer to peer lending platforms


-Personal Tax Services

-Risk Management

-Personal Finance

The network effect and connectedness of the wireless Internet have led to the creation of a shared economy. This provides an opportunity to relook at finance in ways never imagined before. For example, Truebill (US-only) an app that algorithmically tracks all the subscriptions and recurring bills associated with the user’s account.

truebill-1 truebill-2

The Inference

Having a vision for the future is the key to making the best from this incredible synergy of technologies. If you’re planning to expand your presence to mobile, this is the best time.


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