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Dec 01

Facebook launches 'Instant Games' Platform

By zealousys

Do you remember this?

The days of dial-up Internet when Yahoo Messenger Games were the norm for netizens. Feeling nostalgic! Are, we?No more.



Facebook, has announced an update to its Facebook Messenger Platform and News Feed, to launch Instant Games in 30 countries, which get the users spend more time on the messaging apps.

Although, the new feature is only available on: –

  1. Android devices
  2. iOS devices

users can choose from a total of 17 games from classic developers to get things rolling, including the likes of:



-Space Invaders



-Words with Friendsinstant-games-title

Currently, there are 17 Instant Games titles available to play, with much more to come, across both Messenger and News Feed in the latest version of the Facebook Apps.

Features of Instant Games

  1. The new HTML5 gaming cross-platform works on both the web and mobile
  2. Instant Games on Facebook Messenger are free of charge
  3. Additionally, users can play games on Messenger and News Feed without the need to download anything
  4. Allows people to easily discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps

It can be accessed by tapping the game controller icon in Facebook Messenger threads next to the photos and stickers buttons and choosing a game from the list. Moreover, the games come with score-based leaderboards, single or group chats, and the ability to challenge friends

Finally, Players will be able to share high scores and achievements on the News Feed and friends can jump right into the action from Facebook’s app or website

fb-gamesDevelopers for Instant Games

“Instant Games” opens up a unique opportunity for game developers to lower the friction for people to discover and instantly enjoy playing games.

The 17 “Instant Games” are created from the classic developers like:

  • Bandai
  • NamcoKonami
  • Taito

as well as newer studios like:

  • Zynga
  • King

instant-developers for Facebook Messenger

In case, you are Interested to be a part of developers and want to learn how to onboard titles to Instant Games, register here.

The Business Perspective

‘Instant Games’ appears to be an excellent move to revive social gaming. Lately, there has been a decline in social gaming. As the number of mobile devices is surpassing the number of desktops, a platform like this has the potential to drive engagement to a whole new level.

As per a recent report by Statista, Messenger boasts of about 900 million monthly active users. This is next to only Whatsapp, another subsidiary of Facebook.  Now the question is:-

“What is the value of being a first mover on a platform with over a billion people a month on Messenger and 1.8 billion people on Facebook.com?” 

[Courtesy: Gameindustry.biz]

Winding Up

Facebook Messenger, acknowledged that over one billion people use every month have been the avenue for Facebook users to connect, share and debate.

However, the new tab on Facebook Messenger is reportedly aimed at offering a wider variety of games for Facebook users to enjoy. Also, expected to be more engaging with the addition of the feature.

To play Instant Games on Messenger and Facebook News Feed, see the following video:


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