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Oct 01

Experience first AR game with Google Glass by Android

By zealousys


Android, the most popular operating system by Google, has emerged as the great innovation by the company. Android has become more popular with the launch of the Smartphones. Almost all Smartphones which are working today has Android OS. All the applications are running fast and smoothly with the help of it. Many companies acquire this operating system and have got the big success in the field of devices. Like many Google itself has created a great portable device known as Google Glass that uses the Android OS. Below you will learn that how Android is also involved in AR gaming of Google Glass.

Google Glass, an amazing innovation in the technology which makes the life easier of a person. It has all the necessary parts like face level camera, a perfect display and a comfortable environment. When Google’s this innovative product has launched in the market, it is concerned as the technical experiment and exploration that has welcomed the world through the means of Glass. It is very simple as you can take pictures, it is hands- free as you can record anything at anytime, share what you want, let you to speak for sending a message, etc.

But the developers have got the curiosity to bring something new in the device with its limited function. So, this thinking has led to the development of the first AR game Google Glass. As this device has all the necessary pieces that are required to play the fun games. The name given to this game is ‘Psyclops’. It is specifically designed for Glass.

When the Android rules over the market then Android dev brings the first AR game to Google Glass. The great use of Android has been seen in the creation of this game. Psyclops is an amazing game which McCracken describes it as a mixture of two games i.e. ‘Space Invaders’ and ‘Missile Command’. The motive of this game is to search the light pillars and spaceships of aliens that are coming from the sky. You can simply turn your head and point glass at the source and you can lock the enemy by targeting your focus through the glass.

It is very simple game in beginning but as you move further your whole body works in playing of this game when you find new pillars of light. The time limit of every game is 60 seconds and you get the score on the top of the screen. This game cannot be shared easily because unavailability of the environment by Google. There is a need of the app known as ‘GlassBridge’ because the game cannot be loaded from inside Glass. Its correct and perfect setup is necessary. One should have a basic understanding of the Android Debug Bridge to manage and access the game.

Android dev brings the first AR game to Google Glass by thinking outside from the limited functionality. Android has changed the technological environment so far that everyone today is now using the Android operating system for its application development.

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