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Apr 11

Africa Basics: Essentials of A Successful Business Website

By zealousys

Sawubona Africa!

In this era of tech-savvy consumers, it is essential to create a perfect website which draws people to your business. Regardless, of its industry, size, scope or vertical, a business must have an appealing presence on the web.

Before building a site, you need to determine the goal which allows you to design the way it accomplishes your purpose. The simpler or more user-friendly your site is, the more sales it will generate.

However, here are some must-have elements to include while building a site:

‘About Us’ Page

The “About Us” page is likely to be the most-visited section of the website. It is a medium to interact with prospects/customers.

Although, a clear description [fairly brief, to the point, relatable, and value-focused] attracts visitor’s attention immediately within 2-3 seconds and encourage them to stay on your website longer. As a result, it boosts your presence in search results and brings a fair amount of organic visitors.

About us page

Contact Page

Having a contact page is necessary to ease the communication between the company and potential customers. This assists people in contacting you for business (sales inquiries, partnership offers, customer service, and even promotional opportunities).

Therefore, you must have a functional contact form, displaying your official contact number and email address. Also, it should include a tempting “call to action” section on the website.

contact page logos

  1. Your contact options must be easy to spot – don’t make people dig to find you.
  2. Make it as simple as possible – don’t make people fill out loads of fields in the form.

As an alternative to e-mail forms, web chat windows, IM plugins like Skype’s ‘Click to Call’ button, and FAQ/help section can also be incorporated,


Testimonials are the best way to establish credibility as it provides evidence that your products/services actually works. Moreover, sharing testimonials from real people: –

  • makes it easier for potential customers to review and evaluate your business.
  • builds trust to the company.
  • encourages decision about doing business.


Social Buttons

As social media is a critical part of business marketing, it becomes essential to integrate social platforms into your website. As a result, it helps to promote your business presence, spread awareness, improve business’ footprints, boost your SEO and increase social followings.

social media buttons on website

Logical Navigation

A navigation system on the website acts like a compass which guides the visitors and provides the ability to quickly navigate to various areas of your site. Each page of your site should contain clear and uncluttered links to the other important pages.

As a matter of fact, the navigation menu not only affects traffic and search results but also improves user experience and conversions.

logical navigation

Mobile Responsive Website

Not every website needs to be converted into a mobile app. However, a mobile responsive website which adapts to various screen sizes has a higher chance of user-retention. Furthermore, the number of mobile devices has surpassed the no. of desktop computers. Therefore, search engines also prefer websites which are tailored to a mobile experience.

Mobile responsive design

The Takeaway

It’s not enough to simply create a website and describe your business. It is important to implement the above-mentioned must-have elements to the website. Also, evaluating the performance level on various aspects contributes to the overall user experience of your website.

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