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Enhancing Mobile App Usability


Although mobile market is growing at a very fast rate, the usability of mobile websites/applications is still behind desktop websites. In fact, the issue of mobile app usability is a big concern for small businesses. In addition, the users expect a perfectly consistent mobile user experience.

Now, What is Mobile App Usability?

Basically, Mobile App Usability refers to the ease and comfort to access and complete a certain goal through mobile apps.

Enhancing Mobile App Usability Is Important

Mobile app usability works as an indicator to analyze various aspects of an app. Moreover, UI is a crucial part of UX for finding an appropriate way to interact and engage customers. Customers would not use your app if they can’t understand its UI or have some issues while completing their tasks.

Let’s have a look at 7 app usability issues that are often overlooked in mobile app development:

Multiple platform usability

Build an app that can be used on any smartphones irrespective of the platform. As Android and iOS platforms come with an entirely different set of programming, design, and UI schemes,  it is important to offer multiple platform usability for your app. For example – iOS doesn’t have a “Back” button like Android.

iOS&Android UI pattern

Provide value right away

To enhance your app’s usability, you must provide the users with a single sign-up process. Meanwhile, make sure that they discover the value of onboarding process. Also, convincing users to return to your app ensures the long-term success of your app. Such as – User retention and User lifetime value.

Single sign in

Make simple navigation

Make the users clearly understand how to navigate through your app and complete their task. They shouldn’t find any difficulty in finding information or purchasing a product. Avoid incorporating unnecessary features so that users won’t get lost on random pages.

app navigation

Relevant and concise content

Providing relevant, clear and specific content to the user enhances your mobile app and is good for App Store Optimization. However, including too much information in your mobile app results in poor user experience with frustrated users. Hence, it’s better to simplify and include just the necessary content that users would require to carry on their buying process.

mobile relevant and specific app content

Minimize the number of steps

Including fewer steps, buttons, pages, and fields would simplify user’s way to complete the buying process. Moreover, allowing auto filled customer data (Shipping/Billing address, Credit/Debit card details) makes the transaction process easy and improves mobile app usability.


Consider landscape orientation

While developing a mobile app, design the app for both portrait and landscape modes to enhance an optimal usability and user experience. Especially for a video content app.

Portrait and landscape UI

Incorporate user testing and feedback

Mobile app usability can improve considerably through user testing and feedback. A/B testing allows you to compare and analyze two or more variations of a particular app’s design or layout. After A/B testing, allow users to send feedback and write reviews about your app.

feedback process

Wrapping Up

Incorporating above-mentioned mobile app usability practices will help you to convert prospective customers into loyal, long-term users, and generate revenue for the app.

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