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May 04

Embrace The Future of Marketing with VR

By zealousys

The era of digital marketing and social media marketing has been the biggest boost to the small business marketers. But, the customers expect much more in the near future. Well, thanks to the revolutionary virtual reality technology which seems poised to reach a wider market.

Virtual Reality For Small Business

Virtual reality is an artificial environment created with computer hardware and software and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels like they are transporting to a real (another) environment/world.

The applications for VR in marketing is limitless. Brands that value customer engagement and feedback will jump on the technology, and then others will follow.

Why businesses will embrace VR

Ultimately, VR technology has started expanding beyond gaming. Therefore, you must consider the best ways to leverage virtual reality for small business.

Furthermore, here are some reasons to embrace VR irrespective of the nature and size of your business:

Sensory immersion is a norm

Because of internet facilities, VR is set to offer full sensory immersion of the world we are related to. VR has the potential to provide customers with near reality experiences, by stimulating the senses including sound, touch, view, and smell.

For Example – Volvo allows their customers to experience the all-new Volvo XC90 with Volvo Reality. A full virtual reality on their smartphone with Google Cardboard.

Virtual network is here

Social networking could become a lot more immersive with VR. In a way, VR makes social interactions easier and more adaptable as compared to other platforms. According to Facebook’s most recent F8 conference for developers, Facebook would help users have social experiences within virtual worlds with the concept of “social VR,”.

Instead of posting photos and videos, for example, you might post a 360-degree experience showing you immersed in some virtual world.

Ease of learning

VR can take a leading role in driving users, in a different and often easy ways when it comes to business. It offers immense possibilities and opportunities to learn complex business methods. Hence, you can train your employees for technology advancement with the help of VR learning.


Ease of accessibility

With the adoption of PlayStation VR, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard, virtual reality allows us to immerse ourselves in environments and experiences we could never experience in the real world.


For example – climbing a mountain without leaving your house.

Create difficult circumstance

VR has the potential to take your small- and medium-sized business to the next level especially in sectors such as tourism and adventure. In addition, you can give a virtual experience of some dangerous places. In fact, you can teach them to be ready for any challenging situation.

For example –  if you want to attract customers’ attention, you can opt to offer them a virtual tour like – Jungle tour or rides in the amusement park.

VR jungle tour

The Takeaway

Virtual Reality promises to add another dimension to the UX discipline. It is going to change how businesses design the user experience of their products/services.

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