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Driving Online Conversions For eCommerce With Image Gallery Optimization


Most people think about keywords, content & backlinks while neglecting other powerful ways to optimize their sites. Above all, image optimization can be an important part of building a successful eCommerce website.

In fact, optimizing your product images is one of the easiest and most effective ways to drive traffic to your store and increase your conversion rates.

Why Add Images?

Users are always fascinated with images, graphics, and infographics compared to text-oriented content. Images are modes to deliver lots of information in one punch without compromising the user’s interest. Also, they have the ability to entertain the user and keep them engaged with the content.

Here are some effective ways to optimize the product image to drive sales:-

Zooming Features

Image Zooming has proven fruitful for higher conversions. Your photos should be anywhere between 1080-1600 pixels on the longest side. Images this large will allow you to have an effective zoom function. The base image needs to be larger than the size of your images displayed at your site.

Image zooming

Multiple images/360 Degree Angle

Showing multiple images or adding a 360 angle rotation function will allow visitors to view product images from all its sides. As a result, it reveals every hidden angle to the viewer, giving the trust and assurance required for producing the conversion.


HD Photography

HD photography focuses on high-quality images to expose smallest details of the subject, shows richer image coloration and increases its zoom-ability when magnified.

Reduce Image File Size for Faster Loading

Since HD photography covers even the smallest of details, the images produced takes a lot of space which makes them difficult to upload. In fact, a perfect product image must be large in image size (in terms of width & height) and small in file size (in terms of KB, MB, GB).

Reduce File size for faster upload
For Example- ‘Save for Web’ feature in Adobe Photoshop helps to decrease the size of the photo.

Dedicated Page

A separate page created to store all images of the website according to their content category. This helps customers to view product images directly without any interference of content. You can add features to optimize image galleries on the dedicated page. This gives an ideal user experience to the customers.


Lightbox allows a fast and easy image viewing experience without being redirected to another page. It is extremely useful for stores that contain a large number of dedicated pages. You can customize your lightbox options from the back end as well by adding image title, image description and a link to the product page.

Lightbox features

White Background

Placing the products against a white background will make the products pop like anything. It’s clean, simple, and excellent means to give your products a professional touch, resulting in higher conversion rates.

However, the easiest way to remove the background is to use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. Else, shoot your product against a white backdrop.


Align your products

In order to introduce consistency and order, product alignment is the easiest way to reflect positively on your website. You can easily do this by creating a template and adding guidelines to integrate with your product images.


Show Images with all color options

Multiple color options are involved in making sure that your product exhibits all its colors available to the customer. Add one image per color and display it in drop down option so that customers can simply interact with it.



The images must be SEO effective by adding titles, meta descriptions and alt tags, etc. to rank them on search engines and increase their SEO value.

Wrapping Up

When you optimize an online store, you give it a fighting chance to convert visitors into buyers. However, a well-designed and beautiful shopping experience will drive up conversions and sales.

To set up a conversion ready eCommerce website for your business, Reach Us!



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