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Jun 25

Do you know the latest buzz about Android's Google Play?

By zealousys


Google offers a number of services that mainly helps in building new revenue streams, track app usage, manage app distribution while enhancing your app with features such as maps, sign-in, and cloud messaging. Google services are supported by most of the Android-powered devices. While using such services, the user can distribute app on Google Play to all devices running Android 2.2 or higher. Apple’s iOS App Store is the most cost effective places for mobile developers where they can sell their applications. On the other hand, Android’s Google Play has become the most significantly sold product at the Apple’s App store.

Recent studies on the Android’s Google Play show that Google Play is gaining better position at the Apple App store. It has been identified that although the vast majority of applications have been continually generating revenue in the Apple App Store yet Google Play, enjoys the greatest benefits in terms of revenue. Google Play services provide more features on a wide range of devices to catch the attention of users. With sophisticated Play services, your app can enjoy the advantage of the latest Google-powered features which include Maps or Google+.

Google Play Services is a particular place that brings in every Google’s APIs on Android 2.2. Google writes APIs for Android, and app developers use them as a medium to access core features of many Android’s. Currently Google Play Services is available at version 5. Every device that runs Android 2.2 enjoys an official access to this feature. As Google keeps things updated, and help to move forward these updates continuously makes the service more interesting.
When you are in the look out, the Apple’s iOS App Store is the greatest way to explore, personalize, and buy products from Apple. Google announces all these new features for Android which includes the Play Games services, new and improved Cloud Messaging as well as even the new API. Furthermore, the app installed on your phone enables developers to install some libraries from the SDK.

Google has introduced several functions to the Android. This has made it easy for application developers to use it effectively. However, developers only need to mention the particular thing they need from the Google Play Services application in their code. It is a fantastic feature of Google which enables it to control several wonderful services. To conclude, it can be said that the Play Services by Google have emerged as the most wonderful feature which excite all technology lovers.

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