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Digital Commerce: Selling Digital Products Online


With improvements in internet bandwidth, our digital consumption has increased drastically over the past decade. In fact, high-speed mobile broadband and smartphones have further contributed to it. Games, e-books, audios, videos, graphics and software applications (mobile apps, web apps, desktop applications) are some of the channels among innumerable ways we consume digital content.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of selling your digital products/services online. Imagine you’re a life coach or a Yoga expert. You recently had an idea about recording your popular lectures and selling them as audio and video content. You may distribute them through a physical medium such as DVDs/Blurays. However, you may have to deal with the following: –

  1. Estimate of units to be produced
  2. Cost of shipping
  3. Commission to retail sales partner
  4. Promotion

and more such inevitable costs & expenses. Here’s how selling your products digitally can help: –

Unlimited Supply


Selling your lessonslecturesvideos through an online website/app as a digital download/online stream can take away the aforementioned hassles. To be specific, a server is hosting your digital content and then makes it available for download after every purchase repeatedly. Hence, the stock is unlimited.  Moreover, you have the facility to refresh your content from time to time as per consumer’s need.

Cost Savings


A digital store will not require you to carry an inventory of physical goods. No commissions/incentive are to be paid to your retail sales partners. Through digital sales, you are also saving up on shipping, storage, and transportation of your DVDs/Blurays.

Geographical Reach


Now as a life-coach/Yoga-expert, you can also sell your lectures to international markets without much investment through a website/app enabled for digital commerce. The best part, you don’t have to worry about customs and shipping rules & regulations. In other words, anyone with internet access can be a potential customer.

Most online commerce platforms allow for geo-localization. Therefore, this means a client logging in from Australia will see your online store having currency labels in AUD and localized payment options.

Business Anywhere/Anytime


A website/App enabled for digital commerce works for your business 24X7. In addition, the number of manual tasks is reduced. Above all, there is virtual shipping of transactions in form of downloads, online streaming, time-based access etc. Unlike physical goods, you don’t have to worry about chores like packaging and labeling.

Automation makes life easier


Most eCommerce/mCommerce platforms are configurable in such a way that your lecture videos will be available for streaming/download automatically after purchase. All you need to worry about is maintaining the website/app. In fact, this is also true for other types of digital sales as well.

The Takeaway

The above scenario is applicable beyond just selling video lectures digitally. Also, with the proliferation of mobile devices, selling products/services digitally can be a boon to many businesses.

For setting up a digital sales store for your business, Click Here

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