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May 12

Difference between Enterprise and Consumer Mobile Apps

By zealousys

How different is Enterprise Mobile App from a Consumer Mobile App?

Mobile Apps are the buzz word these days when it comes to smart phones. Companies are facing cut throat competition in providing mobile apps for anything and everything, from online radio to share trading, to online banking, to learning. Social networking apps form the basic mobile app in the lowest configuration phones.

In the IT world, enterprise mobile apps are catching on like wildfire now. Consumer mobile apps are being released across the globe by MNCs and freelancers also. Let us see what the different forms of consumer apps are and how different they are from enterprise mobile apps.

Consumer Mobile Apps
Consumer Mobile Apps are B2C apps where the consumer is interacting with the business or simply mobile shopping apps. With affordable smart phones easily available in the market everywhere, consumer mobile apps are getting popular amongst users for utilities and entertainment. Most people love the convenience of on the go shopping, paying utility bills, checking mails, socializing online and even watching movies on mobiles. EBooks and eLearning are other popular utilities many people access on the go. Movie and travel tickets can be booked on the go. You can even plan your holidays while travelling from office to home using your mobile apps as well.

While all these apps help you get things done on the go, they never try to keep you happy. They are all utilitarian mobile apps that help you improve your productivity in terms of numbers but not in terms of quality or feeling. There’s an increasing demand of quality consumer mobile apps that can improve the way you work and live.

Enterprise Mobile Apps
These are business to business or B2B portals on mobile that help businesses to grow horizontally. Businesses need to contact other businesses for their growth. It could be distributors’ group, retailers’ group, wholesalers’ group etc. wanting to contact a retailer or vice versa. It could also be an organizational level mobile app to bring all employees together on the go. With an enterprise mobile app, the organization can get up-to-date sales data and stock position on the go. This can prove to be very helpful to purchase managers and sales people especially while they are out of office. Such mobile apps are custom made for each organization. It can even be a mobile version of SAP.

Here again B2B portals tend to get very serious in terms of design since here they do not need the attraction factor for the apps. People are dealing business here and they will take even a black and white portal as long as it works for them. If this concept is also changed and such mobile apps get a little light and colourful, the attitude of businesses can also change accordingly.

Consumer Apps Vs Enterprise Apps

  • Consumer apps are accessed by consumers to buy something or to get some utility done.
  • Enterprise apps are meant for businesses to contact other ancillary businesses.
  • Consumer mobile apps are C2B while enterprise mobile apps are B2B.
  • Consumer mobile apps are made attractive.
  • Enterprise mobile apps mean serious business and the interface design is not considered for attractiveness.

At present both lack a humanity factor which can bring about a big change in the attitude of the businesses.

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