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Dec 08

Demonetisation: Cash Alternatives and More

By zealousys

In case you’re tired of waiting in ATM queues and lending ration from a convenience store, here’s a listicle on things which may ease you up a bit.

Finding a Functional ATM

The answer is simple, crowdsourcing. The short term Cash Crunch has led to creative implementations of the concept., an initiative by Quickr, launched as a website and a mobile app allows users to:-

  1. Locate ATMS by GPS and Pincode in a map view format
  2. View status (For wait: wait-time and queue length, For cash: denominations available)
  3. View cash status history
  4. Notify cash availability

Likewise, Walnut, a personal finance app, utilizes the withdrawal SMS notification from the app users’ SMS logs and prompts them to answer the following:-

Which ATM the cash was from?

Whether the queue was long or short?



A new addition to India’s fintech space, Simpl is a payment service that lets you skip paying repeatedly. Instead, you can pay later for multiple orders, in one go.  The checkout funnel is as follows:-

-Buy with a single tap

-Keep buying 

-Pay-out on the 1st and 16th of every month


Mobile Wallets and e-Wallets

Well, most of us are aware of this one. Download the App. Sign-up with your e-mail account. Add balance via net banking, debit cards, credit cards, ATM card etc and you’re good to go. There are various ways to send/receive payments through these wallets:-

  • Physical QR Codes
  • via Mobile Number
  • via show code (generates the code in the app)
  • Send to Bank (payout option)

However, there is one issue with the electronic wallet technology, interoperability. A Merchant having a different wallet than the one the consumer is using cannot accept the payment.

For a list of top 10 mobile wallets of India ==> Click Here

USSD Codes

Following is an infographic published on PMO India Facebook page dated 28-Nov-2016.


Account Payee Cheques

This might give you some nostalgia. However, a cheque still remains one of the valid and easy to use options for paying someone, especially if you’re in a business with a high cash turnover. The downside is that payment processing may take some time if the cheque is post-dated.


What is an account payee cheque?

This means a cheque that can only be paid into the account of the person named on the cheque, the payee. This effectively means that the payee cannot sign or endorse the cheque over to another person.


There are many other common ways of cashless payments such as net-banking, Debit/Credit Cards etc. However, the aforementioned ideas might prove to be an initiation towards a cashless economy. Amidst all inconvenience, this is an opportunity having the potential of a lasting positive impact.

To integrate cashless payment services for your business, reach us at

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NDA From The Start
We keep your idea safe. We're always willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you and fully protect your intellectual property.


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