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Evaluating Customer Service Channels for Your Business Website


In this era of digital disruptions,  it is not hard to spot a business website integrated with numerous customer service channels. Online forms, chat windows, online CRM software, eMail/SMS etc are some of the most widely used channels. Now although website owners do this to deliver a better user experience, the consumers may feel overwhelmed.

Likewise, companies often find it tricky to identify the right channel which suits their business requirements. To be precise, a right channel should not only be easy to use(for the consumers) but, should also integrate well with the underlying business processes.

While deciding upon the right channel to use, studying the process of interaction between the client and company is essential. In the following parts of this post, we will discuss the major customer service channels that can be integrated with a business website.


The biggest advantages of voice are the attention to detail and the large volume of information the executive can process while attending to a client. Executive’s access to the user data and ability to interact with users on various voice channels is vital.

One doesn’t need to set up a dedicated phone number and call center infrastructure. If you’re a small/medium business, a Skype Call Button widget on your website can get things started in no time.



E-mail Forms

E-mails work really well in both B2B/B2C customer service operations. A website integrated with an HTML form where the user can key in their concerns/issues related to any of the product/services is a convenient and clean way of serving customers. For instance, look at the following screenshot from Amazon’s customer service page:

Amazon's customer service e-mail form

Likewise, for corporate communications e-mails provide a comfortable way of addressing issues involving documentation and attachments.


Web-chat provides businesses the ability to directly interact with website visitors. Furthermore, businesses can interact with multiple users at the same time. As a result, wait time is reduced and users get a better experience.



From requesting a call-back or quotation or information, web chats are excellent for lead generation and pre/post sales inquiries. Web chats are available as CMS plugins as well as third party services such as ZenDesk Talk, Messenger.com etc.

Messaging Apps and SMS

We have iterated this countless times, the no. of mobile devices have surpassed the no. of Desktops. Hence, it makes perfect sense to integrate mobile messaging apps as a customer service channel in the mobile version of your website.

Most of the popular messaging apps offer widgets. A company’s website can integrate these widgets in its mobile and web versions. Otherwise, there are services such as WhatsHelp and OnGair which allow management of all Instant messaging accounts from a single platform. Following are some benefits of using messaging apps as customer service channels:-

  1. Handle multiple users at the same time
  2. Personalized and clean experience for the user
  3. Chat history is readily available. Easy identification of returning users.
  4. No spam and unwanted subscriptions

Self-Service Channels

A type of electronic support that enables users to access information and perform routine tasks over the internet, without any interaction with the representative of the enterprise. This includes FAQ resources, online help articles, community resources etc such as the Fitbit Help Center.


The Takeaway

In a nutshell, whether you’re a startup in initial stages or an established organization with customer service agents, a study of user experience and interactions is essential to determine the right customer service channel.

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