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Choosing Team to Tools: How to Hire & Manage Your Remote Development Team Effectively?

Finding a remote development team isn’t tough these days. The tough part is knowing if you’ve found a team who will truly execute.Outsourcing has become a typical move for all kinds of businesses nowadays. But despite the popularity of outsourcing, people still doubt whether it makes sense to hire a remote development team or not.Don’t worry. You’re not the first person to have such concerns.Since Zealous System is also an outsourcing company, we’ve had many clients from all over the world who had similar concerns in the beginning, but later they all loved the idea of outsourcing.However, in this post we’ll cover all the major aspects, from choosing your remote development team to remote management tools, along with some useful tips on managing it effectively.

Choosing a Remote Development Team:

When considering to hire a remote development team, what most people get wrong is that having a team out of sight means you’ll lose control or the work won’t get executed well.To this we always say – change your mindset.You need to trust the team that you hire.We’ve observed often times that the problem of mistrust towards remote developers still exists among many.And we also understand that the trust towards remote developers doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. That’s why at Zealous System we always and always work on Getting to know each other’ first before signing the deal.We believe that ‘making sure we’re on the same page’ is the key to creating a dream-team sitting across the globe, but still execute well & deliver on time.

And if you want to ensure whether you’ve found the right team or not, you can do following:

  • Read clients’ testimonials on their websites and get in touch with their previous clients to find more about the company.
  • Check platforms like GoodFirms & Clutch that share reviews and rating of development companies.
  • Check sites like Github, Dribble, etc. to make sure that they’ve been on market for quite some time.
  • Most importantly, check if the team follows agile methodologies like Scrum for transparent workflow.

If you’re going to set out on the software development journey, you must know the word – Agile.Agile refers to a number of methodologies for software, mobile, and web app development based on iterative approach, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing teams to achieve a desired result.In simple terms, Agile approach involves continuous planning, testing, integration, and other forms of continuous evolution of a project. But, the most beneficial thing about agile is that it focuses on empowering people to collaborate and make decisions together effectively and quickly.But how do you make sure if your remote development team does the work (and not just bills you for something)?

Here’s an easy solution – Adopt well-known Remote Management Tools:

Remote management tools are extremely useful in organizing your whole project and keep up with communications with your remote development team. In fact, these tools are popular among both remote teams as well as for in-house developers.

There are plenty of tools that you can adopt to manage your team effectively. They are categorized as below:

Project Management Tools – These tools are mainly useful for keeping track of the progress of each development task separately. Examples: Asana, Jira, Redmine, Trello, Basecamp.

Communication Tools – These tools help to exchange text messages, make voice as well as video calls to discuss with your remote team. Examples: Skype, Slack.

Design Tools – These tools are used for creating wire-frames and prototypes. Examples: Axure RP 8, InVision, Balsamiq Mockups.

Developer Tools – These tools mainly include BitBucket and GitHub which notifies you about new code and recent changes.

Remember, the key to a healthy relationship is trust and communication. And relationship with a remote team is not an exception. You need to know your remote team’s expectations and they must also know yours.

At Zealous System, we believe that the distance between a team and a client shouldn’t be a barrier. In fact, many of our clients love us for our work processes and communication throughout the project. Take a look what they’ve said about us on Clutch.

Zealous System clutch review

Bottom Line is…

Managing remote development employees isn’t as difficult as it may appear. Therefore, the words “remote” and “offshore” should not be the scary words in your dictionary. And if you’re considering to hire remote developers but aren’t sure yet, take action on the above tips today, because tomorrow might become too late.

Good Luck!


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