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Jun 03

Choose the best SQL or NoSQL as per your need

By zealousys


SQL or Structured Query Language has been popular for over forty long years. SQL is used for the purpose of managing data in a particular database. Websites need SQL because they will not be able to function properly without this very language. SQL was developed at IBM. SQL has played a major part in changing the face of data management and web designing. You can manage with ease, large volume of data with the help of SQL.

Various operating systems make use of SQL and a lot of operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux make use of it for smooth performance. Without SQL, RDBMS or Relational Database Management Systems would have been a myth. With the help of SQL, you will be able to conduct maintenance task without stopping the function of the website.

The various advantages of SQL web hosting are many. Since it is extremely fast and cost efficient. Toolbars provided to check the regular activities going on in the website and also to check the views. The feedback on the running of the website will be provided by the host. This may include reviews by experts.

Excellent speed and high performance and efficiency during maintenance and renovation of the website are possible with SQL. This is why SQL has gained much popularity in the web hosting market these days. Since the initial costs and running costs are higher in the case of this language, it is out of reach of medium and small businesses.

NoSQL is known as the biggest player of the present day data management systems. It consists of a wide variety of different database technologies. NoSQL was developed as a response to the rise of volume of the data users stored, the frequency in which data is accessed. NoSQL database types are of four kinds- Document databases, Graph stores, wide column stores and key value stores.

Document databases use each key with a document that is a complex data structure. In the documents, you will find different key value pairs, nested documents or key array pairs. Graph store information about networks. This may include social connections. Nep4J and HyperGraphDB are included in Graph stores. Key value stores are the simplest forms of NoSQL databases. Any item in the database is saved as a key or an attribute name with its value. Voldemort and Riak are two examples of key value stores. Wide Column Stores are optimized over large data sets. They store columns of data in one, and are not stored in rows.

Benefits of NoSQL, when compared to other databases are many. Its performance is superior and they are more scalable in nature. The data model of NoSQL does not have issues that relational databases have. NoSQL databases are structured, unstructured and semi structured data. With the help of NoSQL, object oriented programming is pretty flexible and easy to use. NoSQL databases support auto sharing. That is, they are easy to be shared with a large number of servers. They also support replication automatically. Disaster recovery and high availability is thus gained without the involvement of separate applications needed for the purpose of managing such tasks.

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