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Jun 20

Choose the best nature of website for your business

By zealousys


It is not easy for you to identify whether a particular website is a Static one or a Dynamic one. This is due to the fact that the difference cannot be found in the design, but it is through the functionality of a website that we can understand whether a particular website is static or dynamic. Moreover, when a site has a basic look and if it is for a small company that delivers adequate message without any pomp and show, it can be a static website.

Static websites are the ones that can be updated by an expert with a good knowledge of web development. These are the cheapest websites. Developing and hosting with the help of this website is not much of a deal. This is the reason why most of the smaller companies choose Static websites for Dynamic ones. Static websites are quicker to develop, cheaper to develop and cheaper to host.

Static website is usually developed with the help of PHP or HTML. Changing a navigation component in this website will require the owners to change each and every page in the website. Hence this can be a time consuming procedure.

The major disadvantages of Static Websites are that they require an expert who has a good knowledge in HTML and web development and it is a real hard work to update the contents and designs of the website. The site will not be as useful to the user as it cannot be updated by the user all at once. The content in the website can thus remain stagnant for days.

Dynamic sites, though are the most expensive ones, are considered as the best websites with a whole lot of advantages. A dynamic website will allow the website owner to update data or even add new content in the site without the help of a web developer. With the help of a browser interface, the website owner can post news or events to the site.

Dynamic website is developed with the help of CMS or blogging platforms like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. Since WordPress is very flexible, it is used for creating dynamic websites on a large scale. The creating of a perfect looking dynamic site needs the assistance of a designer. But the framework will allow the website owner who might not have any knowledge of programming or designing to make changes without any professional help. Though they look like any static website, dynamic ones can be SEO friendly and can provide enhanced user experience.

The features of Dynamic website are e-commerce system, content management system, intranet or extranet facilities, uploading documents by users or clients, the freedom for administers to create content and freedom to add a particular information to the site.

The major advantages of dynamic websites are that they are more functional, easier to update, helps in bringing back viewers to the site and allows the users to be more systematic in updating regular contents. Talking about disadvantages, dynamic websites are slower in developing, expensive to develop and hosting can cost you a lot.

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