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Chatbots: A New Paradigm in Healthcare


Chatbots: The Future of Online HealthCare Marketing

Chatbots are simple programs that provides answers to predetermined questions, or more complex ones powered by Artificial Intelligence. Initially, Chatbot system was designed to mimic human conversations and amuse users. Keyword matching was the main principle. Lately, chatbots have evolved for more complex functions.

What Chatbots are capable of ?

Chatbots are designed in order to automate the tasks. Also, Chatbots are capable of handling a wide range of requests like:-

  1. scheduling a meeting
  2. placing orders
  3. making a video call, etc.

Users are generally involved in messaging apps and spend the maximum amount of time there. In effect, Chatbots use this very channel for interaction because they offer their services within these messaging apps, customers find it handy to use.

A doctor in your pocket


Artificial Intelligence will disrupt many industries in the coming years. HealthCare will see the highest impact of this paradigm shift. Additionally, with the help of Healthcare Chatbots, the patients will receive immediate treatment and don’t need to wait for long hours in hospital queues.

Some are the chatbots which are made for Healthcare:-

1. Your.MDyour-mdIt is a personal health assistant that harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and now available to users on global messenger platforms for the first time.It is a chatbot which answers to your questions related to healthcare and their symptoms.

2. Babylon HealthbabylonIt is an online doctor and symptom checker which provides a comprehensive, immediate and personalized health service that you can use at home, at work or abroad to have a peace of mind that a doctor and safe medical advice is always to hand.

3. Sense.lysenselyIt is a virtual medical nurse that gives patients the drive to be more engaged in their own healthcare and follow up with their treatment plans. It also includes managing and learning about their medication prescriptions.

4. MedWhatmedwhatIt is an intelligent personal medical and health assistant. MedWhat automatically provide a contextual answer to questions posed in natural language that is in a chat format.

Reach and Scope

Chatbots are a much better fit for patient engagement than Standalone apps. Chatbots provide easy access to healthcare and industry has favorable chances to serve their customers with personalized health tips.


Why Chatbots Apps are superior to mHealth App?

The mHealth apps in comparison to Chatbots apps face some problems such as:-

  1. Use of apps in Medicine is still low
  2. Trust and quality issues
  3. Security and privacy issue
  4. Problem of Data overload
  5. Reimbursement issue
  6. EHR issue
  7. Problem of Tech health

Benefits of Chatbots 

  1. Message App like UI is more Appealing e.g. Google Allo
    Chatbot in IMs
  2. Immediate reply 24×7
  3. Enable medicos to focus on core issues
  4. Patients will benefit from automated reminders (you can’t miss a dose 😉 )
  5. Assist doctors in medical history of the patient


Chatbots made for healthcare have a huge potential, besides the mentioned possibilities. To sum up, the AI enhancements in the chatbot technology provide innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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