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Jan 07

Changing Face Of Ecommerce Mobile Application

By zealousys


Gone are the days when a mobile phone was simply a tool to receive and make a call. Millions of users around the globe are using mobile phones to do so much more- reading books, playing games, online and off, shopping, booking tickets and the likes. This makes this device one of the most vital tools of reaching potential customers for business houses of all kinds.

Interaction with customers are one of the most essential parts of having a successful business enterprise, be it for generating goodwill or for increasing sales volume. E-commerce is one of the 21st century trends that seem to be catching up very nicely and producing surprisingly good results.

eCommerce Mobile Applications can do simply great things for your business and have some exciting advantages when any user wants to utilize it, thus carrying forward his/her business. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ecommerce App Development is an easier affair than building and maintaining selling points such as websites.
  • ECommerce made available on mobile phones can diversify the shopping experience like never before. The customer can be virtually anywhere (with a connection) and still make a purchase. Travelling, being engrossed in daily duties, waiting for commutes do not get the chance of playing the role of obstacles.
  • Customer feedback and data collection for surveys becomes a much faster and easier process
  • Mobile apps can play an important role in influencing the customer’s decision of purchase.
  • Company details can be shared conveniently with the customers with the help of several mobile applications
  • The usage pattern of customers can be tracked with less difficulty
  • Having mobile apps for your business can help you to record the source for location based revenue generations.

Keeping in mind the current economic trends, sources state that the sales volume initiated through the use of mobile applications is set you see a whopping 30 percent increase within the coming five years. A key factor in the modern world is mobility and eCommerce mobile applications facilitate this crucial factor for both customers and enterprises alike. Security, flexibility and convenience contribute highly to the advantage of using mobile applications for carrying out trade and commerce in today’s world market.

Small business houses can also reach the masses effectively by creating their own mobile apps which will provide the customers with the opportunities of interacting directly with the products and the personnel in charge, in case of queries. These applications make the entire process faster and smoother than ever before.

Also, with the availability of numerous and various mobile application builders to choose from, every business house has a genuine possibility of building their own, even non-coders.

Here are some of the simplest mobile app builders which can be used for basic usage:

  • RunRev
  • MobiCart
  • ShoutEm
  • Zubibu
  • AppMaker
  • Appy Pie
  • My AppBuilder
  • iWebKit

With eCommerce stores you would find this new scope for business growth interestingly alluring, given the facilities it comes with.


There are several factors to consider before jumping on the bandwagon, mobile apps for eCommerce are definitely in and promise much in the coming years.

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