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Mar 04

CES 2014- Rise in the sale of Android gadgets to reach one billion in the year 2014

By zealousys


The platform Android has attracted a whole lot of users for the past few years. It is a known fact that the user-friendliness and the availability of applications on smart devices has led to the great popularity of this platform. Even though Apple phones are in demand, it has been seen that the extremely user-friendly nature of Android phones has making it a leading and the most demanded platform than any other platform.

Though the year 2013 has seen a greater demand for smartphones and laptops, the year 2014 will be showing a much more demand on tablet devices that are based mainly on Android platform. The year 2013 has shown higher demands for iOS based Apple mobile devices.

As per Gartner’s latest prediction, the year 2014 will see a rise in demand for Android based devices such as tablets, watches, smartphones and other gadgets, and this can rise up to one billion. But it also has to be noted that Google will not gain much from this growth. China is the country where a higher demand of Android devices can be seen. But unfortunately, majority of the devices do not have Google services loaded in them.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are the ones much in demand. Even then, Google has been able to gain a good position in the market of the smart devices. Though Android has the great possibilities, Apple does have a value in the market. When people with entertainment in mind choose smart phones or other mobile devices with Android platform, those with business bend of mind prefer choosing Apple phones or devices.

It is estimated that Microsoft’s Windows systems would further rise to over 360 million devices that will be sold in the market in the year 2014. This will be a 10% rise of sales compared to that of the previous year. There is also a prediction that Apple’s Mac and iOS systems would be installed on over 344 million devices. This shows a great rise of 28% compared to the year 2013.
Gartner also made predictions on shipments of tablets in the year 2014. As per the prediction, tablets would be purchased on a larger basis, and this will be 53% more in the year 2014. This clearly shows that people prefer to take their machines even when they are out of their houses.

Further, the market will see the demand for smartphones decreasing in the year 2014. Moreover, the sales for personal computers will decrease to 9.8% as per the predictions of Gartner. This report was actually released on the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. The current trend is clearly shown in the predictions conducted by Gartner. The rising demand for tablets and mobile devices based on Android platform is clearly visible in the current society. Though a part of the business class prefers Apple gadgets, the rest others prefer to use Android based gadgets.

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