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May 26

BRTS Way- travel facility app launched for Android users

By zealousys

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the Android market? If no, then read on. The first BRTS facility has been launched by Zealous System, a top class technology firm in Ahmadabad city. The apps has rocked the Android market and is been liked by Android users traveling in the Ahmadabad city or those who are new to the city.

The professional and technical senior of Zealous Systems namely, Athul, Ashish, Avinash and Parnjal (COO of the company) are the minds behind this awesome mobile app. This application will serve a lot to all those who are usually worried due to lack of appropriate information on the BRTS nearest stops. Moreover, the apps will also calculate the correct distance between the two stops. You can even search for the nearest stop to your current location through this application.zealous_brtssystem

This amazing Android application is like a dream come true for the newcomers or regular travelers in the city. Also, those who could not understand the Gujarati language written on the Bus Stops and signals will love to use this app as it will convert all into English and direct you towards the correct bus stops per the destination.

It has been often observed that many people coming for the first time to Ahmadabad fell very unsafe and unclear due to language issues for directions to various bus stops. With BRTS travel facility app, a person can easily put in his current place and look for the nearest bus stops. There search will come up with the best results within seconds.

The mobile application ‘BRTS Way’ is very easy to download and is free of cost. Designer Ashish Ingle conceptualized this user-friendly application, which is available for Android users and is expected to be available in other Smartphones soon.

All said above about ‘BRTS Way’, we conclude by stating that it is definitely a good cause to download and use this app and make it easy to commute within the city. It will save both the time and money. So welcome to the app daily commuters!

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