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How Brands Can Use AR


With the on-going boom in mobile device usage, App makers are finding new ways to engage their audience. In fact, developers have found many business applications with technologies like AR/VR. So far, we all know AR through Pokemon Go. However, AR has evolved beyond just gaming.

From Ikea’s furniture App to GPS-based navigation, AR is emerging in various flavors. Following are a few examples illustrating some unique business strategies around augmented reality: –

Vida e Caffe

In 2014, this South African coffee chain used an AR App for its branding initiative. The app allowed consumers to participate in the cafe’s travel competition (a trip to Dubai). As a part of the competition, the consumers received a sleeve upon the purchase of a coffee. The consumers were told to scan the sleeve by using Layar. Layar is an AR app which integrates print media with digital content.

Vida e Caffe Augmented Reality

When scanned through Layar, the sleeve displayed digital content (videos, graphics, animations etc.) related to the travel destination. (featuring Atlantis and The Palm in Dubai)

Via Afrika Publishers

Again in 2014, Via Afrika Publishers launched an app in the ed-tech space. The concept behind this app was to enhance high school textbooks with digital content. The App allowed students to interact with their regular textbooks by adding interaction. This included audio-visual content in form of animations and videos.

Pick n Pay Retail SA

In July 2016, Pick n Pay launched a marketing campaign featuring an innovative use of Augmented reality. The concept of the campaign was as follows: –

  1. Consumers spend R150 or more at Pick n Pay
  2. For every R150 spent, consumers get a free pack of 4 Super Animals Cards
  3. Consumers then use the Super Animals collector’s album & activity book
  4. They then download the Super Animals app for unique facts, games, and more

Super Animals Augmented Reality

The app was used as a Super Animals collecting companion which utilized Augmented Reality to bring the cards to life. It was designed to help users keep track of their collection, learn fun facts and download achievements. Furthermore, the campaign provided incentives to participants in form of educational information and a lucky draw travel hamper.

The Takeaway

With the right concept and ideation, Augmented Reality coupled with mobile can do wonders for your brand.

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