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May 16

Africa Basics: About Enterprise App Integration

By zealousys

Sawubona Africa!

Development in mobile app technology is increasing at an exponential rate. In fact, with each new upgrade technology compounds with the existing technologies to create a better form. However, enterprise apps are expanding small businesses towards up-to-date market trends—specifically app-based integration.


So, what is Enterprise App Integration (EAI)?

Enterprise App Integration (EAI) is a business computing term to design and optimize the plans, methods, and tools of multiple programs or computer systems. Basically, it simplifies the interface and data collection methods to reduce error. Meanwhile, it aims at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise.

In short, EAI enables the functional system of your company to be combined. 


CRM— customer relationship management and SCM—supply chain management—systems are the examples of EAI.


How does EAI benefit business?

For business relying on multiple software applications, it is essential that the applications play together well and share data effectively to drive business operations. Hence, EAI helps to fill the gap between the different systems.

Here are some benefits of EAI for your business:-

Enhances data management capabilities –

Enables you with features that help smooth flow/exchange of communication/information within the organization.

Automated business process –

Increases productivity through automated data collection and analysis process.

For Example – Integration of CRM data with e-mail campaign becomes easy to deliver messages to targeted customers, on the basis of their demographics or prior behavior.

Adaptive internal structure –

At this point, it helps business to remain flexible in the context of IT infrastructure.

Cost effective system –

Additionally, it reduces long-term hiring needs, costs associated with errors, and time spent on manual processes.

EAI -Enterprise App Integration


Enterprise app integration is a tool which simplifies and automates business processes without applying excessive data structure changes. However, it is important to adopt EAI so that your business operations and decisions could positively impact your organization.

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