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Sep 18

Barometer and Health Apps: Developers Take-away from the New Apple Products!

By zealousys

Early this month, when Apple released its three new products: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and Apple Watch, many eye-balls were set on its software, especially from the developers fraternity.

The bullet in the eye is that Apple has given a chance to third-parties for software development of iOS platform and in turn, making it versatile. Furthermore, what need to be paid attention at, apart from the billions of applications, are the three truly beneficial apps of Apple Pay, Health Kit Integration and Barometer Sensor.

What is more interesting about Apple’s health kit integration?

Since, health and fitness have always been the primary concern and a lot of applications have been developed for the same, Apple’s new health platform facilitates the data sharing of the fitness services with each other through one application and that is the health app.


A particular user’s health related information is saved in a concentrated and secure location and it is up to the user, as to which data he wishes to share with the app. ‘The more, the merrier befits, in this case, because independent programmers can develop extra applications that can be integrated with the Apple Health.

A further benefit for the developers has been foreseen with Apple’s future influx of healthcare applications because of its much anticipated collaboration with IBM.

Now, something about the barometer sensor?

Initially, Apple’s decision of using barometer sensor app was hidden from the developers which gradually came as a surprise to the developers. The application Flyskyhy in the new iPhone supports barometer sensor for measuring altitude, air pressure and even the floor to which the user climbed.


An app beyond just being a barometer, it helps in showing the flight boarded by the user and on flight location while travelling and helps in evaluating the scoring distances.

In a way, this gives some more food for thought to the app developers and they have new horizons open which need to be explored and experienced.

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