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Jun 13

Balanced looks of a website design beyond colours

By zealousys


We spend almost hours together just to find the best website design in context of colors because that is a way for any designer to express innovative ideas and identity of anything they develop. But are colors the only thing to focus in a website design? We end up thinking only about the color scheme given to the website design and not the other major factors which actually can make the design and the designer’s thoughts successful. A use of grey scale colors will also give the design a catchy look depending on the other website purposes.

It is true that colors have their own ways of expressions and reactions. But why not take a step further on the fonts to be used, the borders to be given and the background set up which makes the audience feel impressed. Always focus on the logo of your website design and the tagline that describes the details about the particular company. The designers should also look forward for the background contrast as if it is too filled with the day to day bright colour mixtures, the client might not like the sight of the same. A slight change in the format with mixtures of grey and white or white and black grid lines might give the website design a totally different look. Your business concern can be reached easily with your designs and presentations on the website.

Another thing to target are the font styles and sizes which are either small or too large making it difficult for the client to even find it suitable for his website design. Some options for font styles are:-

  • Times New Roman
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Book Antiqua
  • Verdana
  • Helvetica

Along with these, you can add a little soft grey shade with white background and proper font size i.e. 12 point size, making it easier for the client to read as well as give a dramatic design touch to the websites. Serif fonts help to set good contrasts for the headings and sub-headings of the website design. The content in any website design also counts as the client comes in search of information which is the reality for any website.

The designer also needs to limelight better images which will attract the users and give them a better idea about the website. Apply the proper grid, shapes, borders and spaces in the image with taglines to convey a meaning. Use a site-map or directory page which helps the client to navigate through the other pages easily. Designers need to program a website according to a client’s point of view merging him with it. A customer never likes to wait so always focus upon the load time and minimize it to the least timing a designer can. So, a designer needs to think beyond bright colour combinations and reflect the thoughts of every client who would tend to visit the website. Implementation and Integration of a website design is successful only if the designer follows a strategy to overcome even the minutest of problems that may hinder to attract traffic.

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